Monday, March 9, 2015

When you’re perfect, ya die and go home!

I feel bad because I’m sure most of you either a) just scroll through my post and look at all the ‘pretty pictures’ or b) start reading, get bored and stop reading before you even hit Tuesday. BUT! I’d have you know that my weeks always seem to start out slow and get better and better as they go…so you’re missin’ out! Haha.

Monday- This was deff a harder day for me than usual. For whatever reason as I was emailing everyone it hard core hit me that I come home soon. It hit that most everyone has changed. A lot. And it was brought to my attention again just how much I’m gunna have to adjust to being a normal person again. I’m over it already hahah. I drank my pain away with Raspberry Lemonade at dinner though, so all is well! I’m a SUCKER for raspberry lemonade. That was totally irrelevant, but oh well. Dinner was with someone who we haven’t seen in like 4 months, so it was time worth spent.

Tuesday- We had a special zone meeting so the zone leaders brought donuts, and since they KNOW I love donuts (apple fritters in specific) they bought one just for me:) so remember how last week I told you I hadn’t caved into my craving? I failed only one short day later hahah. #nowillpower

I realized that as a representative of Jesus Christ I need to be asking/expecting more miracles to take place. A lot of the times we aren’t given things we could have simply because we aren’t asking. If God is a God of miracles, why don’t we ask Him for more? Obviously or will has to be in line with His, but if it is we can expect AMAZING things.

Wednesday- GREAT DAY: it started off by having to go ‘down the hill’ for a meeting, so obviously we took the opportunity laid in front of us to go to ChickFilA and to invite Sister Cauble. That was probab;y the last time I’ll see her on my mission. Whaw. So sad. But it was a blast :) we are quite the crazies when we’re together. It’s weird to think we were only together 6 short weeks. We have SO many memories.
At our meeting president said a few things that were quotable.
*Us talking about our new missionaries stressing that they aren’t perfect at being missionaries “Tell them when you’re perfect, ya die and go home. So they need to be alright with not being perfect.” Hahah THEN! While some were saying they didn’t want their missions to end he goes “Look. We want you to go home. When you go home, go to school and get engag……….(long pause, awkward silence)engaged in life. We want you to get engaged in LIFE!” hahahha. Us poor missionaries.

We were at Jan’Ine and Des’Rays and I saw they had bought some Starbucks drinks to put in the fridge…well….since Des’Ray was on track to get baptized on Saturday I went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, stole the drinks and explained how she CAN’T drink it or she can’t get baptized. It sounds really crazy and dramatic, but it was hilarious. Jan’Ine kept saying “SHE GOT HOOD IN HER!!!! I TOLD YOU THAT GURL HAD HOOD IN HER! Stealin’ the coffee n-junk!!!!”

Thursday- I smelled like smoke all day from visiting lots of people who smoke in their homes. It gave me a headache :( BUT! We had a great lesson with one of our new investigators. She committed to baptism!!! She was so precious. While we were talking to her about Christ Atonement and how He suffered ALL manner of pain she started to cry and said “so you mean to tell me He knows how my leg feels right now??” How wonderful it was to say “YES! So He knows how to give you peace about it!” Man. Being a missionary is too great. She told us she loved us when we left. I love how fast you come to love people on your mission.

A hymn totally touched my heart in a way it never had before. I read the words to “Be Still My Soul” where it says “Be still my soul; thy God doth undertake to guide the future as He has the past.” And it hit that I truly have witnessed God guide me throughout my entire mission and I’ve gained a testimony of that. I believe it was to help comfort me for when I got home, so that I’ll remember He always led me and will continue to ‘in the future as He has the past.”

Friday- really the only thing important and big from this day was satan was working WAY hard on Des’Ray to stop her from getting baptized on Saturday. That was a very stressful moment for Sis Brentlinger and I. VERY. I had never seen someone be worked on so much right before baptism. And at one point he almost won, but since God will always over power satan she pressed forward which leads me to………….

Saturday- DES’RAY GOT BAPTIZED! Sis Van Heel got to come up for it, so yup, I got to see all 3 of my companions that are still in the mission all in one week! Pretty sick! The baptism was the most…interactive?...baptism I’ve ever been to in my life. It was a great experience and quite hilarious hahah. Des’Ray is awesome. I will quote Van Heel here “Chris double-dunked her just for fun. The thing about Village ward is everyone loves everyone regardless how crazy they can be at times.”
Sister Van Heel
ASHLEY WHITE MADE US A BOMB DINNER! Which was nice since we hadn’t eaten all day from being so busy hahah. I love this place. I love these people. I don’t really wanna go anywhere else.

SWEETEST THING! When we came home our door was decorated with balloons and such. A family in the ward knew I was going to get my nails done today for my birthday and wanted to get me a gift certificate before I went so they snuck over and went crazy on our door. So stinkkin’ sweet. I love this place.

Sunday- want to hear some of the awkward things people said to me this day. All of them were men.
-while talking about having ‘hot spouses’ someday…. “But NO ONES as hot as Sister Toolan!!!”….he’s….60???
-while talking to a really awk 18 year old boy..who IS a member and knows the limits...*DISCLAIMER: I’ve seriously talked to this kid like 3 times. * “Wow. That necklace is really awesome you’re wearing. It looks really cute on you…Hey, maybe you can hit me up on facebook after the mission??” Poor sister B during all this. She didn’t know how to respond, esp since she could see how awkward I felt hahahaha. Goodness.

We got a new investigator and committed him to baptism too! Man. Work is on fire here! Daylight savings is killin’ me though. You take a whole hour away from a missionaires sleep and it’s BRUTAL! Man. I will live. And I’ll sleep when I come home hahah.

I’ll end with a quote from church:
It’s better to prepare and prevent than it is to repair and repent.
I love yall. I can’t believe I turn 21 this week. I’m an old geezer by this point. Blah. BYEBYE
Sister Toolan

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