Monday, March 16, 2015

Celebrating my 21st in the mission field!

Man. Another week down. GAAAAAH.

Monday- I treated myself for my birthday, like I did last year, and got my naiiiiiiils did! It felt so nice to sit in that little massage chair while it all happened. I need one of those in my apartment. Forreal. After working hard all day I’d say I deserve it :p We got to go visit one of our favorite older ladies who had just been admitted to the hospital and visiting her was hard. She looked so pitiful and helpless. It hit Sister B pretty hard, which I love, because that means she is learning to LOVE these people and feel for them which means she will be a GREAT missionary :) after, to boost our spirits a little we stopped by one of our favorite families house and while there they gave me an early birthday present. Mamu gave me the prettiest earrings. She is adorable. I mostly am in love with them because she put so much thought into it. Now I can never have an excuse to forget her :p

Tuesday- we had a mission wide fast this day and it was AWESOME! There’s something special about coming together, as children of God, who have SUCH differing opinions on everything, for a united purpose.
I had my very first standoff with a dog. I’m counting my blessings that it didn’t eat me. Sister B knows how to react to dogs (which was a miracle)  so she kept telling me “walk backwards (we were going DOWN a hill doing this hahah) and make eye contact with him. Don’t look away.” I was smiling and feelings so awkward and uncomfortable it wasn’t even funny haha. BUT WE ARE ALIVE:) We met some pretty cool people knockin’ doors out in the middle of literally NO WHERE.

Wednesday- MY BIRTHDAY. Holy smokes. I don’t even know where to start with this. It was such an incredibly busy and amazing day. There were countless people that helped make it SO special. I started by having ‘birthday pancakes’ at the Schreiners, had some awesome lessons, the STLS decorated our door with balloons and such, Chris and Ashley (with the help of my awesome momma) threw a surprise party for me with all of my favorites, had a nice birthday dinner with the Browns and sis Moffett had a little party as well. It was BUSY. I felt more love than I felt I deserved. This place has the best people. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LETTERS/EMAILS/THOUGHTS/HELP. Yall are the greatest <3

Thursday- We had a lesson with a family we had met with on Tuesday night and something interesting happened. On Tuesday night both Sister B and I made a mistake by not inviting one of the guys into the lesson (like we know we should) and Heavenly Father made us very aware of this mistake when he came in himself and sat in without being asked. He ended up being more interested than them all. He gave a beautiful prayer at the end and committed to baptism. It gave me an opportunity to see change in myself though…I’ve learned something about the Atonement. After recognizing His way of telling us we had messed up, I didn’t dread coming home to repent, I didn’t sit there and beat myself up over the dumb mistake either. I was quite cheerful and positive excited that I could come home and be forgiven. I KNEW that because of Christ that this mistake wasn’t the end of the world (like us missionaries think at times) and that He’d remember it no more. I’m just grateful to see that HF has helped me learn more about the Atonement.

The cute little 8-12 year old girls in the ward had a dinner for us this night. They were the ‘servers’ and we had a great time. I was amazed at how wonderful they were. It was obvious that their parents teach them the gospel in their home. I want to do the same for my children some day.

Friday- Sister Cauble sent me THE greatest gift in the world. She is hilarious and knows me too well. I miss her. I miss all of my companions. Mamu fed us and was hilarious. She is one funny woman. She makes me happy I came on a mission. I wouldn’t have met great people like her any other way. How sad would that be?? When I get home remind me to do the impersonation of Elder Shumway doing an impersonation of me at the MTC, ok? Hahha. #priceless.
Exchanges were this night and Sister Fa’alolo and I stayed up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too late talking hahah.

Saturday- I got to see the temple president that sealed me and my family in July. That was a tender moment for both he and I. wow. I cried and cried. He said it was nice to see that that was still emotional for me, then he said “your time has to be coming to end???” and it hit. I have 7 weeks left. Ugh. THANKS haha.
We found 2 new investigators this day. People let us in that haven’t in a while. One of the guys we found literally reads the Book of Mormon every single day. Just doesn’t like church ahaha. Hopefully we can help him make those next steps.

Sunday- it was a very spiritual day. It was stake conference and I learned a ton. When I saw a man that used to live in the ward he goes “How much longer do you have?!?!” I said “I only have 7 more weeks….” His response was priceless: HEY! Only 7 more weeks and you get to kiss boys again!!!! Hahahahhahah. Man. Too great.
I struggled the last bit of the day. I think I’ve been trying to be so protective of Sis B that I’ve been keeping all my thoughts/concerns about going home in my head and finally after so many people bringing up me going home I busted. Thank goodness for the priesthood. I received a blessing and all is well. Just gotta keep on keepin on.

Think about this: learn to listen and listen to learn.
When you run track you don’t want to stop running hard and walk thru the finish line, you want to run THRU the finish line, pass the expectations. We, as children of God, need to shoot for above and beyond and in the process hit even more goals than we set for ourselves!!!

It was a great week. It usually is. Hardships and all. I love this work. I love Heavenly Fathers way of stretching us. I love that I can be forgiven and FEEL that sense of forgiveness from Him. Don’t get too excited about me coming home, I still have a good bit…or that’s what I like to tell myself at least ;p
Sister Toolan


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