Monday, March 23, 2015

Last transfer is in the books!

After finding out about transfers I am SUPER pumped. I get to stay in Village ward with Sister Brentlinger, I have AWESOME wardmates/zone leaders, I’m in a good zone, I don’t have to EVER worry about transfer calls again and life is just GOOD. This is going to be the best last transfer I could have ever asked for. 

Monday- Took some awesome zone pictures. I love awkwardness. Ha. I was really overwhelmed with how much Heavenly Father was proving His love for me this day. I tend to have a lot of those now. I love how clear it is to me at times that IIIIII was the one who needed to train Sister Brentlinger. So many things that I’ve grown from, learned a ton on and gained a testimony of are things that she struggles with. Even if THAT’s the only reason I struggled with things (even though I know it’s not), then THAT would be enough. He promised us all things would be for our gain and I’m seeing that more than ever now. 

Tuesday- I got through the day and that was enough for me. Man. I have NOT been sleeping good again lately. I literally laid in bed just thinking (SUPER FANGEROUS) til like 1 in the morning. Don’t worry, I still got up at 6:30 a.m. I made a goal at the start of my mission that I’d never sleep in and so far I’d stayed true to it. I only have 6 more weeks to endure. I GOT THIS. 

Wednesday- Felt like true stalkers this day as we convinced a little girl to give us her moms new number that we hadn’t been able to get. It worked like a gem. Hahah. That’s missionary life for ya. Also, that night a family in the ward threw me and their son (who have the same birthday) another surprise bday party haha. It was awesome. Totally unexpected. 

I got really excited for General Conference coming up this day. I love getting to hear from the prophet and apostles. It gives me a nice fresh view on what things I need to do better at.  I also love how easy it is for me to receive answers during that time. I want to challenge each of you reading this to 1. Watch conference if you weren’t already planning on it and 2. Going to conference with one or two questions that have been troubling your mind lately. Pray to God the whole time you’re watching it and listen for those answers :) 

Thursday- Heavenly Father prompted me to look over while we were driving and as a result saw that a potiental investigator that we haven’t been able to catch home the whole 5 ½ months I have been here WAS HOME! We taught her and she is now a new investigator :) 
 one of our investigators has been really sick lately and overwhelmed with life. I got sick of asking what we could do to help and just said very bluntly “look. We are coming over in an hour. We are going to help you clean, do laundry, straighten up, whatever needs to be done. See you soon.” And she let us!!! It was a powerful experience. It was then that I learned a valuable lesson. My whole mission I’ve heard if you’re tired just keep working and He’ll give you strength and I’ve seen it a few times, but nothing like today. The day before (and all this day) I was not feeling well at ALL, but we had so many important things to do/people to see so I knew I couldn’t go lay down a little (which was deff needed) plus because I’m reaching the end I don’t want to waste any time, I just wanna get out and work til I can’t work anymore. So I just prayed and told Heavenly Father He HAD to pull thru because my human strength was about to give out…AND HE DID. So much was accomplished it’s not even funny and I couldn’t have done it without Him. 

Friday- I got on a roof and fixed a few things. They don’t call me a handy man for nothing!!!! After the old man said we should take a picture…I agreed and got in position. Right before the camera went off he had grabbed me real low on my side (for any of you who don’t know, that’s a big nono for a missionary hahah) and Sister B caught the picture at perfect time. Look at that uncomfortableness. Beautiful. I don’t wish this upon any soul. Haha. 
I taught Sister B to be a little ghetto this night. I taught her the words “ER’BODY” and “finna”. She is making such progress :’) heheh

Saturday- had to go to another funeral for a man from the ward. That was hard. But I got to meet his deaf  brother with was awesome. We didn’t find out about transfers til 10:11p.m. it was awful. 

Sunday- I was sick as a dog all day. I had been since Wednesday. It was really rough. I’m still sick. We saw miracles, but I’m just glad this day is over with.

Wow. 6 more weeks. Crazy. I love yall. Don’t forget about womans conference this weekend!
Sister Toolan

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