Monday, March 30, 2015

Two Katie's??????

The Fairferlicks - I had to say bye to them this week because they're going out of town and won't get back till I go home:(

I don’t know how I keep forgetting to tell yall this but both Sister Brentlinger and I are “Katies”. The even better part is that we were both given names at birth that we were never called. Hahaha. 

A strange thing happened like two weeks ago. At the beginning of my mission it was a struggle to not sing “worldly music” especially when we’d go somewhere that’d be playing it. Then the middle of my mission came and it was almost like I just didn’t even hear it anymore. I didn’t know the songs anyway after being on my mission so long so it wasn’t a problem. BUT THEN…two weeks ago we were sitting in a house of a member and some songs came on right as we walked in and I just got the biggest knot in my stomach. I literally got a sick feeling. It hit me that in a few weeks that music will be allowed in my life again and it scared me to death. I hated that feeling. I realize that more and more things will start feeling that way for me and it makes me nervous. I got this though. No worries. I think..

Monday- After being sick for like a week I finally started feeling better. I can’t tell you how much I thanked Heavenly Father for that!!!!!!!!! I do not like being sick. Anyways. Ashley ended up texting us saying that her son all of the sudden decided he wants to take the lessons and get baptized. UHM. WHHHHHAAAAAA??? Then we go have a lesson with this family. It was the 1st time we had met with the whole fam bam and it went AWESOME. The member we brought bore solid testimony and made connections with all of them, kids included. They were so into it. You could tell that the spirit was already testifying to them that it’s true. Ah :)

Tuesday- Had one of THE funniest missionary meetings I’ve had my whole mission. I felt bad because I knew the purpose wasn’t to laugh and goof off, but you get a few of these elders together and you can’t avoid it hahah. It was so funny that I ended up snorting SUPER loud hahaha. 

We found out why one of the girls we are working with hasn’t been going to church. Her parents act like it’s fine until Sunday comes then they won’t let her. BUT: if it’s any other church she wants to go they let her. I just don’t get it. Sure, people don’t like Mormons and stuff but really? You’re not gunna let your 18 year old daughter who is probably in one of the hardest parts of her life go to church and strengthen her faith in Jesus Christ just because of that? Sounds ridiculous to me. 

Wednesday- did service at “Squash Farm” and got a little sunburned on my face :) have I told yall before that I love getting sunburned on the mission? I’m actually really serious hah. one of the members that feed us like every week here took us to get sushi!! AAAAAAAH! I’m pretty sure that was my first time on my mission. It was sooooo good. It made me happy. Also, I realized Heavenly Father was helping me out because while there “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele came on and instead of getting all panic attack, I had this happy thought like “Man, I can’t wait to ride in the car with Benny boy again and just BLAST this song like old times haha”. 

Thursday- Had our first lesson with Ashleys son and it went great. He is getting baptized in like a month. YAY :) it was really cute to see how excited Ashley was about it. See, it’s all about family in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Always has been, always will be. Sister B and I were sore all day and many more from all the working out we’d been doing. Hahah. Man. I love being sore. 

Friday- we didn’t see a text from our investigator cancelling our apt so we ended up going which was a miracle because we got to have the lesson and it went GREAT. We’d been praying all week about what member to take with us over there to give her a friend and last min He told us, she came and it was perfect. I love how much He knows His children :) while passing off some of our people we’re teaching to some elders they asked to say a prayer and started grabbing hands to hold during it…so yup….had to hold an elders hand again… sounds so middle school, (but you have to realize missionaries end up being super childlike by the time they get home :p) it was so uncomfortable.

Sister B and I both had to pee so badly this night that we had to pray not to wet our pants until we got to the nearest bathroom. Too funny. We have a good time. 

Saturday- WOMENS CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME. Boy, did I feel the spirit. 

Mamu invited us to a birthday party at their home and we couldn’t pass that up :) at one point a napkin lit on fire and gave us all a scare. No worries though, the house still stands :p 
We share the same birthday!
 This day I realized how hard satan is working on me. We seriously had THE best week ever by this point. So many miracles that I don’t have time to explain were happening left and right and I was at the highest point of “having faith” that I think I’ve been at on my mission. BUT: at this point satan is doing whatever he can to get me down and he knows something that gets me discouraged and sad is by having people that I love and adore disappointed in me. I can’t get into details all I know is IT AIN’T FINNA WORK! I am not giving up. He knows that I’m not the least bit trunky (aka lazy and giving up on working) so he’s doing what he can to get me to give up. Nope. Not happenin. 

Sunday- Church was great. We had some people show up. One of our investigators has been SO excited about reading his Book of Mormon every night. It’s so precious. He’s like “grandma didn’t have to even remind me!” haha. Spoken like a true teenager :) I got really grossed out watching this newly wed couple all lovey dovey in Sunday school. Sister b kept laughing at me because she’d look over and see the disgust on my face. 

So, that’s about it.  LOVE YALL.
Sister Toolan

Random tulip in the desert!

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