Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter Y'alllllll!!!!!!!!

Hm. This week? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG week. We worked hard and lots of great things happened, but I can’t believe all these things happened only a few days ago…seems like foreverrrrrr. It’s probably because the whole week I was fasting naps (she means she was going without naps to show obedience). We had just fasted (food wise) that week and I didn’t want to starve myself so I gave up an item that I knew would prove to Heavenly Father that I wanted to show Him what I was willing to give up to be more in tune and sensitive to the spirit during conference. It totally helped. I LOVED conference.

Monday- for zone activity with all the missionaries we had a late birthday party for and elder and I. It was a ton of fun and put me on a sugar high for the rest of the day haha. We had dinner this night with a family in the ward who had never fed us the whole time I’ve been here. They were a powerhouse couple. I felt the spirit like crazy in their home which made me really grateful they live their lives in such a way that it radiates around them. My favorite part was that they said the opening AND closing prayer. A lot of times people ask the two missionaries to say the two prayers when we go to their home, but for me, I like to hear other people pray. I like to hear the things that concern them, are on their minds, are troubling’s a good learning opportunity for me.

A woman in the ward asked us to give her like 20 #BecasueHeLives cards because she had already handed out the 5 we gave her. She ain’t scuuured! Speaking of which. Yall need to watch this if you haven’t, watch it again if ya have, and share it like crazy.

Tuesday- This night we were on our way to visit someone and in the process we were passing by a house to a potential investigator so I was like “eeh, won’t hurt. Lets just stop by really quick and invite them to the ward party this weekend!” so we did and it was PERFECT. She had just found out that a family friend has passed away so we were able to teach her a little of the Plan of Salvation (such a happy and wonderful plan :D) and also her kids weren’t home so we actually allowed us to come in for once. After showing her the #BecauseHeLives video she said her favorite part was that “it was all true and made sense” :)))) aaah. The whole thing just gave me testimony that we, as members, feel the spirit all the time (if worthy) it’s just our natural instinct so we don’t think of it as the spirit. I didn’t have this huge prompting like “we NEED to go see her” it just made sense to and BAM. We feel the spirit. It’s in us.
Sister Brentlinger has been laughing like me, she even accidentally snorted this day. I am wearing off on her! Hehe.

Wednesday- I had one of my first “freak out moments” about going home. I got my little “leaving” invitations in the mail from momma and it HIT. Hard. I just started bawling like a baby. Sis B didn’t know what was happening or what to say so she just laughed hahah. I found out later in the week that another sister that’s going home with me had a freak out moment as well this week, so it must just be going around :p

Had a lesson with one of our teenage investigators and while teaching him about the Word of Wisdom we showed him how to remember what 5 things God asks us not to partake of by using CATTS. Coffee Alcohol Tea Tobacco and Substances (drugs). After going over it a few times we asked him to tell us what they meant…here is our conversation:
Me: ok…what’s C stand for?
Him: oh. CRACK!!!!
Us: awkward silence trying not to laugh…… “no. try again.”
Him: Cocaine????....oh coffee!!!
Us: ok..what about A?
Him: for some reason I keep wanting to say..apples???
Us: ………….oh goodness.
Later on………… what about S?
Us: suuuuuuub……
Him: (very confidently) SUBWAY!
Me: dude, comeon! God doesn’t have any problem with you eating Subway! Hahahahaha.
We all laughed for a good while. It was a hilarious moment on the mission, that’s for sure :)

We felt prompted to go randomly visit our recent converts and while there (feeling uncomfortable given the situation) their non member cousin gave us a referral to go visit someone! WHOA. Super cool. Never happens.

Thursday- Got to jump on a trampoline for a little while with Ashleys kids after a fab dinner at her house :) it was a gorgeous day. Practically perfect.

Friday- Had the ward Easter Egg Hunt and it was a hit. We had a ton of people show up and have a good time. I love this ward. Such great people. It was a tough day though. We had a ton of people open up to us, confide in us and tell us of some serious issues they’re having. It broke us for a little. Sister B had to talk someone out of committing suicide on the phone for an hour. It was just an overwhelming night. We got through it though. Only with the help of such a loving Savior.

Saturday- while watching conference I found proof that little kids listen to and benefit from conference even when we don’t realize it. Sister Moffetts granddaughter was sitting at the computer playing but each time, even SUPER into the game, when a prayer would begin (without us telling her) she would stop, bow her head and listen. It was a great thing for me to witness so that one day when I have kids I don’t give them the excuse that they’re too young or something. THEY LISTEN. CONFERENCE IS FOR EVERYONE.

Sunday- it was Easter. Sorry I forgot to wish yall a Happy Easter last week. I know. I’m awful. So forgive me :p SO HAPPY LATE EASTER! We went on a hike with a member family (it’s tradition for them) at 6 in the morning and right when I walked in and started talking - one of the guys goes “SEE. I tollllllld you sister Toolan would be happy and full of life even at 5:45 in the morning!” hahah. I guess I’ve learned to love mornings :p the hike was gorgeous. Powerful testimony was shared.

Watched conference. Watched more conference. Had an Easter dinner at a families house and built the Lego set of “The Last Supper” it was SICK! I enjoyed conference wayyyyyyyyyyy too much. I received so many powerful answers to deep questions I had. I was so grateful he gave me those :)
GOOD NEWS: after a long week and lots of crazy events that I can’t even begin to tell you on here I was in the shower praying (like I DO!) and it hit: my brain/heart/body can’t take this much longer. I have worked my tail off for 17 months now. I’m tired. I’m worn out. I keep fighting, but God let me in on a secret that my time is coming to an end and it’s much needed. Heavenly Father gave me so much peace about coming home. I see things a little differently now. I’m still nervous, still excited in ways and sad in others. But I completely get it now.

Wow. Long week. Sorry for the overflow of info. Love yall.
Sister Toolan

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