Monday, March 2, 2015

I Love Being A Missionary!

 My reasoning for coming out on a mission has changed so much since the beginning. I used to be here to be an example to my family, in specific, my brother, and to have a great experience. Now, I’m here because I love my Savior, I love His gospel and I love sharing this message.

Monday- I woke up feeling a little more rambunctious than usual and decided Sister B and I were going to Big Bear for the day! It had rained the whole night before so we got to see freshly fallen snow. Plus, it started snowing snowing on our way up. It was so beautiful. It was a once in a lifetime thing that ON pday, the day we can actually go up to Big Bear that it was snowing. One more great experience to add to my books :) AND. After 16 months of being on my mission I FINALLY purchased a “California shirt”! I love it.

Tuesday- Can I start by saying in the morning when we run here at this new place I struggle big time because it straight smells like a DOUGHNUT shop outside. It makes no sense for me to run off the food I ate the day before just to go inside we a hug doughnut craving hahaha. You’ll be happy to know I haven’t caved into the craving yet; not this transfer at least :p Went to Lucerne Valley for our missionary meeting, a ‘town full of character [s]”, as the sign coming in says hahaha. Interesting place, indeed.

We went to St. Marys Hospital to visit an elderly lady in our ward and had a great experience while there. She was in a condition where someone had to be watching her 24/7 and by the time we starting sharing our message of hope/happiness another nurse had come in to check on her. So 2 non member nurses sat in on our lesson, one even stayed although she didn’t have to. When we left, she came over and thanked us for the mission. Sure, we aren’t teaching her now or something and she isn’t getting baptized in a month, but she has had a positive experience with the church and missionaries so that now, when some come knockin’ on her door (cuz you know they will eventually hahah) she can let them in, listen to them, feel the same spirit she felt this day again and accept Jesus Christ church here on the earth. No effort ever goes wasted. Ever.

Wednesday- Sister B said something so wonderful speaking of the Hi-Desert “It’s such a pretty place!!! such an ugly way..” hahaha. Truer words have never been spoken. You really have to find beauty in this place. As much as I don’t look forward to having to come home, I DOOO look forward to seeing greenery again.

We stopped counting after hearing 9 sets of sirens going through town this day. The world is CRAY. I’m so thankful Heavenly Father protects His missionaries.

We had an investigator going to the Young Womans activity again so we went. It was a ‘Spa Night’. You better believe I was all up in it gettin’ my hair mask and stuff. I loved spending time with the youth. When I took my hair out of the towel after a little 6 year old said to me “Wow. Your hair is so sassy!” hahah

COOL MOMENT OF MY DAY! I found out that one of my all time favorite families from the Bear Valley ward I served in live in the Village ward boundaries until like the middle of may…right after I go home. My point? I can go visit/have dinner with them whenever I want now. Such a tender mercy. I had missed them.

Thursday- After like 3 transfers of trying to meet up with this one lady, we FINALLY did. She must have needed Sister B to teach her :) When we went she was so excited to have us and you could tell she was just thirsting for knowledge. Those are the best ones. They are so teachable. You could tell she had tons of questions and they were all questions that the gospel has perfect and complete answers for! I can’t wait to see what happens with her and her family.

Food for thought: the part of your brain that can reason and use good judgment is slower than the part of the brain that gets angry. So: STOP. BREATHE. THINK. Then SPEAK.
Just like learning a new language is hard, so is learning the language of the spirit. It takes time, patience, practice and trial/error; but eventually you get it down!

Friday- We asked some elders to help us do service at an elderly woman’s house and they weren’t too ‘excited’ I guess is the word. And it’s totally obvious when people don’t want to be where they are so because I didn’t want her to end up feeling bad for asking us to help we prayed before leaving that the elders would find joy in it, have good attitudes and be WILLING to help…guess what??? Not a single problem. All was well. And all we have to do sometimes is think to ask :)

Mamu (ma-moo), my little grandma I told you gave me a haircut last week, told me she is reading my blog…MAMU, I LOVE YOU.  <3

Saturday- I woke up sick. If I don’t work out in the morning, then you know something’s work haha. I slept for a little and just prayed for help to get through the busy day. It was our 3rd day in a row that we had back to back to back appointments. (blessings!!)
We were in serious #modelstatus all day from the amount of wind!!! We felt fabulous :p
During an appointment we were all asked if we could ask God 3 questions, what would they be? It took me a while, but this is what I came up with.

1.       Can I see a video of what my life would have been like had I not come on my mission? How much different would it have turned out had I not had this time of shaping?
2.       Why did you trust me so much/see so much strength in me to give me the trials you have/will continue to give? What made you think I could handle them and never allow them to get the best of me.
3.       What do YOU, God, look like when you are having to watch/hear me (or any one of His children, in general) struggle with life through prayer or lack of? What is your reaction? Do you cry with me? Does it break your heart. What. 

What would your 3 questions be???

Sunday- woke up and it was March already. What in the world?? Anywho, the best part of the day was when we were talking to this guy at church. He told us he was moving in a month and we asked why. His response? “To get out of Sodom and Gomorrah!” hahahahah. Nailed it.

We have another crazy busy week ahead of us. The best part though? I get to get Chickfila AND see Sister Cauble all in one setting! I’m grateful to be here in the Village ward. I am thankful Heavenly Father will take the burdens off our shoulders when we can carry it no further. I can’t believe I’m reaching that point where I don’t feel I need to add so much details to my blog because I’ll soon be able to just tell you these stories/miracles face to face. Be happy. Live the gospel and do it with a smile on your face. Love and miss you all.
Sister Toolan
Sister missionaries put sweet sticky notes on our door!

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