Monday, February 23, 2015

Family History is more powerful than I realized!

Monday- Mamu, my favorite little Filipino grandma gave me a hair cut :) Got free samples of food at Target (which was perfect because we were starving lol) and got a new investigator. That’s really all that happened. 
My amazing new bed!

Tuesday- A lady in the ward hooked us up with a blender! I haven’t had one in like 5 months now haha. So I’ve been smoothie-ing it UP baby! 

You must be thinking “wow. Her week sounds sooooooo eventful thus far…” it gets better lol

Wednesday- Got lectured by a less active lady on marriage and how we have to “train our husband. Not before but not too long AFTER getting married how to clean up his own mess.” Good gravy. 

There is a woman sister Van Heel and I met with only a few times that is less active and it’s always super awkward when we go over because she has a huge pool table in the center of the living room so when you talk it’s across the table and it’s just really annoying. Anywho. We went over this day, she automatically let us in and my view on the pool table changed! While talking to her, her husband who just found out he doesn’t have much longer to live and isn’t a member came out and started talking to me. Because of this huge pool table Sis. Brentlinger and I were able to have two separate lessons with two separate people in the SAME room all in like 20 mins. Hahah it was AWESOME. 
Tevins family (the boy that got baptized last week) told him they want us to start coming over and teaching them weekly….uhm…..HECK YES! 
Caught a family at home that I’ve been trying to for 4 stinkin’ months. Heavenly Father literally led us to their house. It was incredible.

Thursday- Got to do some secret acts of service! That’s always the best :) Also, the family we had dinner with that night gave us Claim Jumper Chocolate Silk Pie….aka MY FAVORITE! So this day was just all around fantastic.

Friday- Before you go and judge me after reading this next sentence, I’d have you know YOU decided to be my friend even though you know I’m strange… much as I hate to admit it, I had Hannah Montanna cravings this day. Everything I heard lead me back to a HM song hahahah. I kept this out of my head as much as I could! We had a long day of planning, which made me really hyper, which made sis B realize the crazy she has to put up with for another 10 weeks haha. Oh wale. 

Saturday- We knocked a little bit more than usual this day and met an awesome man. He went from “what are you doing here??” to by the end loving us and giving us more marriage advise. He said marry someone who is 1. Smart 2. Has to go work outside when you say to 3. Has a sense of humor and 4. Has a job. Whatta guy. We also met a “lost Recent convert” of 6 months ago from Arizona. The neatest part was that we literally had time to knock ONE door before dinner and HIS was the one Heavenly Father led us to. He talked about how much he was disssapointed in himself and how much he wasn’t living right. We reassured him that that’s what the gospel is all about and just encouraged him to do better. He said he wouldn’t be at church this week buuuuuuuut,

Sunday- walked into church and he was THERE! He came! It was such a sweet surprise. I don’t even really know this guy, but I love him and am so excited for his progress :) a man in the ward helped Jan’Ine out with some of her family history and when he gave her what he’d found. She started BAWLING talking about how “he found my dad! He found my brother!!” family history is more powerful than I reazlied. It also rained and was SUPER windy! We felt like models all day ;p 
Super windy day!

Quotes from this lovely week:
A little 4 year old girl at dinner that kept raising her hand (like she was in school) to talk looked at me and goes “I really like it when you smile…” 
As we walked out of the house after she sighed “Man, I just wanna have a sleepover with them!” hahah <3

While Ashley white, my lds gangsta, (yes, I know you’re reading this right now Ashley which I why I said that hahah) was holding her little girl she says “’re my favorite!!” the little girl looks at her mom then points to me and says “oh. Well she’s MY favorite..” phahahhahahahaha. That’s right. Total domination right there! 

Sorry I didn’t give you more about this week. Just know it was awesome, we worked super hard and saw super miracles. I know that Heavenly Father loves us, imperfections and all. I know there is nothing we could do that would even make that love for us change. Love yall tooooooooo much! 
Sister Toolan
Hot chocolate on a cold windy wet night

Throwing it back to the MTC days!

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  1. Sounds like your doin awesome! Keep killing it :-)