Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sister Brentlinger is in the HOUUUUUUUSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Wow. It doesn’t even feel like it’s been a week since I was emailing you last. Time is going way too quickly. I do NOT like it.

Let me start by saying we found out Sunday that we would be moving out of Sister Moffetts home into the elders old apartment. I was sad because I love living with a member, but also excited to have my own place again….UNTIL….we stepped foot into the apartment. That place was SICK NASTY! So, pretty much, all Hermana Hansen (my temporary comp until I got to pick up Sister Brentlinger on Wednesday..oh yeah…that’s my new companions name :D) and I did Monday night and Tuesday after our missionary meeting was DEEP CLEAN that place. It’s safe to say that more than a few times the thought “man, if this is what living with a man is like I’m goooooood….i don’t need any of that!” came to mind. EW. I mean, come on!!! I’m still grossed out. Whatever though, we made it look/smell nice so that when my new missionary got there she wouldn’t be scared hahha. Plus, the elders living there before us left cute little mints/chocolate on the night stand for us, so..they tried…lol

the elders found this, wrote on it and left it for me to find in the apartment....haha!

Monday- Got to email back and forth with my old companion Sis. Havens for a while and that was such a blessing. I didn’t realize how much I needed her that day, but I did. Heavenly Father has seriously blessed me too much with great people. Had to say goodbye to Sister Van Heel and that made me sad. However, I couldn’t quit laughing because she made a deal with me earlier in our companionship that when she got a new companion she was going to wear this UGLY turtleneck on her 1st day meeting her to scare her…and…she did haha. The whole drive down I couldn’t quit laughing. She is so brave, hilarious and ridiculous. I miss her.

Tuesday- Heavenly Father helped us not run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Man. He keeps a close eye on us missionaries haha. So thankful for that. Like I said, cleaned this whole day. I’d rather not speak of it any more haha.
BUT! Due to moving into a new place I have an AWESOME bed. I have slept on springs (trying to be the nice companion at times where a good bed was available lol) my entire mission. It’s a hospital bed, so I can move it up and down and it will even massage aka: vibrate if I ask it to hahaha. Wow. I haven’t slept so good my whole mission. Tender mercy.

Wednesday- I GOT MY NEW MISSIONARY: SISTER BRENTLINGER! She is from Georgia, so now we have 2 southerners in a companionship…dang gina. This could get cray! She is super cute. So willing to learn and be taught by Heavenly Father. She is going to make these last two transfers a piece of cake (companion wise). She is giving me more desire to work harder and to be more obedient. I LOVE IT. I was actually quite terrified to be training, but now I see Gods hand in it all. As usual. :)

Thursday- My dog Tevin got baptized!!!! While moving I found a new pair of jeans that fit perfectly! HAAY! That’s about it haha.

Something that struck my heart very strongly was a tid-bit from a talk Elder Robert D. Hales gave. I’d like yall to reallllly think about what he says:
“In my youth I learned an important lesson about how our actions may limit our freedom. One day my father assigned me to varnish a wooden floor. I made the choice to begin at the door and work my way into the room. When I was almost finished, I realized I had left myself no way to get out. There was no window or door on the other side. I had literally painted myself into a corner. I had no place to go. I was stuck.
Whenever we disobey, we spiritually paint ourselves into a corner and are captive to our choices. Though we are spiritually stuck, there is always a way back. Like repentance, turning around and walking across a newly varnished floor means more work—a lot of resanding and refinishing! Returning to the Lord isn’t easy, but it is worth it.
As we understand the challenge of repenting, we appreciate the blessings of the Holy Ghost to guide our agency and Heavenly Father, who gives us commandments and strengthens and sustains us in keeping them. We also understand how obedience to the commandments ultimately protects our agency.”

Friday- For the first time on my mission (because Sister Brentlinger was game!) I got to use music in my missionary work. We, when knocking doors, would just sing a hymn. The spirit was evident every single time. There is no way that any of the people we sang to could deny that. It was nice to switch things up a bit and try new things. We had some pretty powerful lessons that day. I’m so excited for my new sister because unlike most of the new missionaries, she is in an area where we are blessed to have teaching appointments. The best way to learn to be a good teacher is to teach.

Saturday- Valentines day. Yeah. It couldn’t have been super annoying but we were busy all day with single people, so it was good hahah. We had lunch outside with some people and I GOT A SUNBURN! Not bad or anything, just a little red on my shoulders and I know I’m weird, but that stuff makes me so happy :) I love the sun. I guess that’s what I get for being raised in Florida.

Sunday- I felt a lot of Gods love for me at church. That’s always a blessing.

Try to not consult with others this week. Instead, consult all things with the Lord. Watch how much nicer things work out for you that way. Don’t forget that miracles lie right outside your comfort zone. Go to church. Be happy about the life you have been given. As a wise friend once told me “Your attitude and your gratitude affect your altitude.” I love yall. The Savior loves yall. Til next week..

Sister Toolan
Super cool braid a youth did with my huuuuuur

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