Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Change is NOT my strength!

After a super long week of ‘Transfer Trauma” aka: worrying about transfer calls on Saturday, I found out what’s happenin’ with my life for at least the next 6 weeks ;p I will be training a new Sister Missionary. I guess there was only 1 english speaking sister coming and I was the lucky one to get her! I don’t pick her up til Wednesday though because she is still learning in Provo at the MTC, so no pictures for now! I am really excited though. And I’m REALLY excited to be staying in Village Ward, although, going back to Diamond Bar has always been the dream hehe.

Cool things from the last 2 weeks?
1.       After a ton of time here I finally got a picture with my boiiiiii Mark! (Winco produce man)
2.       It rained a little :)
3.       Got to go to the temple. Those days are always my favorites! I also got to see a few people from Diamond Bar there which made me happy happy happy!
4.       Before going to a family’s home in the ward that I’m not too fond of we were at Chris’s house. It was dark and we were talking about some things with him when this man and woman walked by. He instantly asked if we had a Book of Mormon he could go give them, we gave him one and off he went. It was super humbling for me to see because IIIIIIIIIIIIIII should have been the one running to them to give them a BOM, yet I was letting them walk by. I know Heavenly Father was humbling me for a reason. Because of that when we went to that family’s house for dinner for the first time ever I was able to feel love for them, which is KEY. It made our time there MUCH more pleasant and I was thankful for God helping me get off my pedestal  for a little. 
5.       Almost witnessed a kidnapping. Don’t worry. I’m safe and life is good. It was pretty cool though.
6.       When visiting a member family the little 6 year old boy started to cry when we were having our lesson and the mom told us “Sorry, something he cries because he misses Heavenly Father so much…” OH MY WORD. PRESH.
7.       Our neighbor (who must not be from here) actually came over, introduced himself and shook our hand. I liked that southern hospitality comin’ out in ole’ Apple Valley. It was refreshing. 
8.       After dinner one night I had a craving for Ice-Cream and I NEVER get a craving for ice cream, if I’m fiinna eat a dessert I want to EAT it, not have something like that. Anywho, back to the story. So we go to Rite Aid to get some and while we do this one guy working there ask US where we are from, what church, yaydayaydayayda, then, even ask US for a card. Then we meet a lost less active from the area who said he needs to get back to church and stuff. It was neat to see that Heavenly Father will guide people to you if you are willing to share His message. I know Heavenly Father, as silly as it sounds, gave me that craving so we could go meet His children that needed help.

Random things from the last little bit?
1.       My ‘weezzing laugh’ (ben, you should know what I’m talking about :p) is starting to come back out again. Oh boy.
2.       A little 4 year old, when saying bye to us and missing a few words here and there, said “thank you for eating us!!” <3 
3.       Super Bowl Sunday is the hardest day for missionary work out of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the ‘holidays’. That is all.
4.       I’ve reached the point where when asked how long I’ve been out I say “eeh. A little over a year.” I never thought I would, but here we are. 
5.       We had 3 full course meals in the time span of 12 pm-6 pm one night. I still feel sick. 
6.       Sister Van Heel and I made a music video. Yes, you read right, a music video. To church music, because that is all we get to listen to hahah but a music video indeed. I am going to miss her a lot. Seriously, missions are awful when it comes to having to say goodbye all the time. It’s horrible. So worth it its not even funny though. 
The "after" - video production
7.       COOLEST THING OF MY LIFE! Well, it would be even cooler if you knew all of the circumstances but I don’t have time to write it all out. Point blank, we went to Panda Express for lunch with some sisters (literally like 6 elders showed up during the whole process) and while there a woman sitting behind us tapped on my shoulder and while handing me her fortune cookie asked “can you tell me what this means?” It read something along the lines of: a messenger will soon bring you tidings of good joy. She looked at us and said “Do you have tidings of good joy??” our mouths were DROPPED. We gave her a restoration pamphlet with our phone numbers on it, talked a little and went back to life. When she went to leave she came over and said “thank you for being my angels. Have a great day.” It was INSANE. Heavenly Father really doesn’t need us out here to do His work. He could do it on His own like I witnessed many times this week, but He is so gracious and lets us experience the ride with Him. Missionary work brings the most joy anything can bring into our lives. That’s why missions are the best and why I am so darn happy all the time. AAAH! 

That’s about all the things I have to update you on for the last 2 weeks. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU ALL. Don’t get to mushy, spend too much money or post too many pictures. I know it’s V-Day and all….but….Sick. This is such a foreign holiday for us missionaries haha. Love y'all. 
Sister Moffett

Sister Toolan
Happy, Happy, Happy!

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