Thursday, February 5, 2015

15 Months in the!!!!!!

I need yall to know that when I write these things I am going super fast and trying way too hard to help you feel like you’re here with me getting to experience it all, therefore, I am really sorry if at times things are spelt way wrong, things don’t make sense because I copy/pasted wrong just any of the above. I promise I’m not stupid haha. Just on a little time crunch :p PRETTY GREAT WEEK I’M FIXIN’ TO TELL YOU ABOUT!!!!!

Monday- WE DID ZONE YOGA, BABY! It was…so funny. You had 2 sisters and 10 elders trying to keep up with the yoga video and it was awesome. I had a blast! Probably one of the best p-day activities I’ve ever done on my mission hah. 

There is a family in the area that the wife is a less active member and the husband/grandson aren’t members that we go visit ever few weeks. Well this night was the non member husband’s birthday. When we visited them earlier in the month they said no one had ever caroled to them their whole lives and so we decided “what the heck?? Lets carol/sing happy birthday to him”! And we did exactly that. We asked some elders to come join us, made some birthday cupcakes for him and sang our little hearts out. It. Was. Incredible. The man about cried. The wife hugged and kissed us all…elders included hah poor things and went onnnnnnn and oooooonnnnn about how much they loved it. The man said that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him. It made me happy, but a little sad too. Think about it. That literally took 10 mins to help make someone’s day. It didn’t inconvenience/hurt us a lick! Yet, sometimes we all get so caught up in our own lives that we forget there are people to help, love and lift up just by simple acts of kindness. We just need to slow down a little and think of people more. 
By way of miracle (as usual. Heavenly Father is so good to us) when pulling through the parking lot of Stater Bros we saw a member from our ward walking, stopped and said hi and figured out his car was broken down and he had to walk there to get groceries for his wife and kids and was gunna have to walk them all back. Before van Heel was still sick and not needing to do much that night we were able to wait while he shopped and take his groceries home in our Jeep for him. I know Heavenly Father put us in his path to ease some of the burdens he was luggin’ around with him. I love service. 

Tuesday- really the only thing news worthy of this day was that when I went to snuggle up with Ribbert (my frog)  like I do every night I felt cotton and I knew that only meant something awful…I was right. He ripped :( I was so sad. I seriously slept so badly that night ahaha. Pathetic. Don’t worry..the sun starts to finally come back out again in my life later in the week ;p
OH: it hit me that if there’s times where WE don’t give up on people and we have such a limited perspective, think about how easy it is for our Father in Heaven to hang onto us knowing our eternal potential. 

Wednesday- One of the older men that we teach said to us in all seriousness “Well, I’m not Moses, but I’m right up there!!!” hahaha. I’m grateful for funny people, senses of humor and laughter :) these people in the desert are cray.
I was able to call a sweet woman in the ward and ask her to fix Ribbert for me. AND SHE DID! In like 15 mins haha. So domestic. I have slept MUCH better since then :) 
We had an appointment with the family we caroled to on Monday night and I’m not joking when I say they couldn’t stop talking about the whole thing. I know that there will come a day when that man will remember the spirit he felt that night as we all sang and he will get baptized. I just know it. That’s something sister Van Heel really has helped me with; having faith in people and their potential. Thankful for the lady! 

Thursday- for whatever reason I was extremmmmmellllllly tired this day and we had 2 lessons back to back with older women who literally just talk the whole time. All I know is prayer helped keep me awake because I was legitimately worried I would fall asleep on them ha. Luckily, I ‘ve never had that happen so far on my mission and don’t plan on it! 
We had a Relief Society activity with all the women in the ward and it was so much fun. We got to know each other really well and that’s much needed. Especially when it comes to women. We’re just like that for whatever reason haha. 

Friday- IT WAS MY 15 MONTH MARK!!! The day started out great by us getting a new investigator! She is amazing. She loves her family. She recognizes the spirit when we are over and she is going to do great things for her family’s life by learning about the gospel. BEING A MISSIONARY IS SO FULFILLING. I can’t even start to explain. AAH.

We had our last lesson with Isaiah and Sarah in their room on their bed like we always so. They are in Oregon now. It was really sad to say goodbye to them. I’ve learned that life is so full of goodbyes it isn’t even funny. We’re really excited for them though, just sad because we will miss them :( 

For the most part this day was really good….except for the fact that around 5ish I got a phone call I was hoping would never come….i got the phone call asking about where I’ll be flying into when I go home because they were purchasing the tickets…..holy smokes. Seriously? I wanted to cry. I wanted to say “eeeh. Don’t worry about it. I’m actually just gunna stay out here a little longer if that’s okay with yall??” but I couldn’t. So, for your information I will be flying home May 4th. Star Wars Day. “May the FOURTH be with you.” Hahah. 

Saturday- a super special day for me. Marlee, a little girl that I taught in my last 2 areas (Woodys granddaughter) got baptized this night BY WOODY! And I was granted permission to go. It was…too neat. Getting to watch Woody, who I was able to watch get baptized only 7 months ago, have his 1st baptism and it be his sweet granddaughter was absolutely beautiful. He did great. Sister Cauble got to come too, so you know I loooooved seeing her :) 

Sunday- We had ward conference! It was the 1st one I’ve had on my mission and I ate it up! I learned so much. One of the women introduced herself to Jan’Ine and Des’Ray and asked “so you’ve been studying with the sisters??” and Des’Ray goes “eeh…no…it’s not really studying anymore. It’s like…family time!” it was the cutest thing ever. I really do feel like I’ve met more of my “family” by being here on my mission. I love these people. 
We had a member in the ward give us another referral to go meet/teach. We asked him how he always has so many people to give us and he told us that every single week he hands out 10 Book of Mormons a WEEK!!!!! He said he made a promise with God a while back and he’s kept his side of the deal ever since. How incredible? He knows how the gospel has changed his life so he isn’t afraid to tell it to/share it with ANYone. I think we all wish we could be a little more like him. I know I sure do. I love this place. 

It was a great week. I know that my time is starting to run short and that means I have to work harder than ever. OOOOOOOOH: next week I get to go to the temple. You have no clue how pumped I am. I hope you all find some time to spend in your scriptures this week. As in…make the time. No excuses! I promise you’ll be happy you did. I love yall.
Sister Toolan

<3 them!

Sister Cauble

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