Monday, August 25, 2014

Moving....but not very far!!!!!

Last District picture

The fact that it’s already Monday again scares me. There is NO way that I just finished my last week in the Bear Valley ward. Crazy. I am now moving like 3 miles away and going to the Mojave River ward, but still in Hesperia lol. I’m really excited. Nervous, as always for a little change, but it’s good. I already know my companion and I really feel like there are already so many reasons to come to this ward. Transfers (when I am the one having to move) make me very anxious and I lose appetite for like a week, mostly from the stress of having to pack, recognizing that I have a TON of stuff; a ton more than I should have lol, and knowing I’m about to start all over again. But, I wanted this change, I’m happy for it, and I’m happy to grow and keep learning :) So I guess we shall move onto the crazy busy week I had…

On pday we met this man at Walmart (yes, we are even missionaries on pday :p) talked to him a little bit and went on about life. Tuesday we see him at the library and homeboy gets super excited. I reach my hand out for a hand shake, he shakes my hand, pulls me into a huge hug, and KISSES ME! Yes, you just read right. HE KISSED ME. I tried not to freak out and tell myself “maybe that’s just his culture” but he didn’t do any of that to sis. Treadwell, she was the one who had to initiate the handshake. Ew. So creepy. He kept saying my name and stuff. The funny part? We told him because of where he lives he would go to the Mojave River ward for church…I AM NOW IN THAT WARD. ARE YOU SERIOUS. MY LUCK. As funny as this whole thing is to me and everyone else, I am interested to see where this all goes hahah. I will be avoiding him like the plague. Oh, he is like in his 40’s btw. Blah.

Sister Winkler (the deaf woman at church that teaches us sign once a week) was so sad about transfers being this week. She went on and on with me about how much potential I have, how good my facials are (thank you cheerleading and dance team for proving you were worth the time spent haha) and how she wants me to go to school for it. She said she wants me to get my interrupters license. I am sad to leave the deaf people. I love them. I am thankful Heavenly Father allowed me to come here and see that I had this hidden talent/desire I never knew I had, nor would I have known had I not come here.  You better believe I will be trying my hardest to keep learning on the mission even though I’m not there anymore.  I know that it will come in handy someday and I’ll look back and be even more grateful than I already am for my mission.

Saturday was probably the busiest day of my mission so far. I got to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Larry S. Kacher of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy. They shared so many different things that I can't possibly write about them all, but I will try to share some of the highlights.
Elder Kacher talked about our mindset. We can do so many more things if we will just change our mindset and I liked how he related it to Ether 12:6, that is one of my favorite scriptures. He said we can't perform the miracles of the Lord if we don't have the right mindset and it's so true. If we think we can then we will. He said nothing is more important than having trust from Heavenly Father and to get that trust, we must be obedient.
We got to have a short question and answer session with Elder Nelson I really liked the answer given in response to a question relating to how we aren't perfect missionaries and how we can be better. Elder Nelson replied "Just forget it, move on!" basically. He said we need to repent and move on from our sins. It's part of the Atonement. You confess your sins and then you move on and don't dwell on that mistake.  He said we have to diagnose our own problems (issues/sins, ect.) and treat our own problem. We have to take responsibility. Always. He also talked about marriage to us….a bunch of missionaries who aren’t supposed to be thinking about that right now….lol. it was awesome. I felt like he was my grandpa up there talking to me about the real world. He is a true apostle on the earth today. I felt it in my heart. I saw it in his face. I knew it when he looked me in the eyes while shaking my hand. We are so blessed to have so many people in the church that care about us and know us without ever meeting us. This is Christs church on the earth today.

Ok, so Jims baptism….it was GREAT! He didn’t get there ti like 5 mins after it should have started which you knoooooooow gave me a scare. So many people had come and were way excited and I started to doubt. I prayed and prayed that we would know what was going on and they pulled into the church! Since he has a trach he has a lot to lug around with him always. Oxygen tank, all that good stuff. For his baptism he brought a rubber ball and covered his trach before going under the water, went forward instead of backwards so if he did get water in there it would fall out while coming up, we had 2 doctors there (one IN the font with them) and the uniqueness of the baptism made it so very spiritual. He has been wanting to get baptized for so long now, but up until a little while ago it was physically impossible. It’s amazing what a TON of prayers and fasting can do. Heavenly Father hears our pleas to Him. He is so aware. We just can’t give up on Him when He hasn’t given us what we want in 5 mins…we have to stay at it…then miracles follow. His wife was so happy and we are going to try and teach her soon.
I had a wave of emotions hit me while singing the closing song at the baptism. We sang How Great Thou Art and I couldn’t help but think about my pops that passed away a few months ago. As I sat there just in sadness for a second I remember through the words of that hymn just HOW great our Savior is. I know I will see my pops again. I know I will also see my Savior again.

I wasn’t really sad to leave at all until I saw the Woodys at church Sunday morning. Then it hit. But, I know they are just spitting distant away..literally. I have come close to people here just as I did in Diamond Bar and I am ready to go meet some more incredible people. I walked Sister Woody to class one last time yesterday and she just held on so tightly to my hand. I think it is crazy how much you can grow to love someone and desire their salvation on the mission. I think it’s crazy how much the spirit can change people and their hearts.  Sunday though. It was a really good week. Everything is just good.
Oh, Trizzy and I also sang with the bishop in sacrament meeting yesterday too…after they made me bear my testimony since I was leaving….talk about leavin’ with a BANG! Hahah just kidding. It was a really good

I’m ready to get to work here. I am ready to grown closer to my Savior. I know that, like we learned this weekend, that if we are ever feeling like we aren’t forgiven of our sins that we can just get to work sharing the gospel and we will feel that peace of mind. We have to share our testimony. It can’t grow if we don’t. I love being here. I can’t believe I’ve been out 10 months now. I have a feeling it is only going to keep going faster!!!! AAAAH. Love yall!!!
Sister Toolan

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