Monday, May 19, 2014

Animal Style @ In-N-Out

We all know the saying “A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step!” I have seen how true that can be on my mission. It can be applied to anything. When we break/justify 1 thing (sin especially) it can lead us down a road we don’t want, and didn’t plan on going down. We think that breaking one little rule won’t hurt, but because we broke that one it makes the second one easier to justify and so on. We have to make sure all of our steps are pointing us towards returning, worthily, to Heavenly Father. We have to be who He wants us to be. Who He needs us to be.  When we put the Lord first everything will fall into place and the rest will fall out of our lives. We do things that He wants us to do because we love Him and He has asked us to do so.
Someone literally bruised my hand shaking it so hard:(

Some things you might not know about me:

·          I have a hard time sleeping on Sunday nights because I’m so antsy about getting to email home on Monday.

·          I read a talk from the Ensign (church magazine) every morning while I eat breakfast.

·          I’ve learned how to play the piano a ton better since being on my mission. It’s still not great, but way better than before.

·          I’m known for calling people “noobs” in the mission. It’s just my thing. Lol

·          I like being cold when I go to sleep. Hot houses=no Bueno.

·          My hair parts a different way like every single day. It helps me get used to change with I despise. :)

·          I don’t sneeze out loud. Yes, I know it’s dangerous and my head could explode, but my brain has trained itself to do it haha.

Another one of my favorites: we call a woman this week to figure out when would be best to come by and she goes “uhm. I talked to my pastor and he said it’s not a good idea for me to meet with yall anymore.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? WELL NO DUH YOUR PASTOR DOESN’T THINK IT’S A GOOD IDEA. HE WANTS YOUR MONEY BY COMING TO HIS CHURCH. People. Have you ever thought that YOU can make your own decisions. Frustrating. But it’s cool :)

We helped THE funniest woman in the world ever move this week. When I bent over to pick something up she goes “oooooooooh good gracious baby got BACK! Work them hips gurl. OWN IT!” she was cracking me up. We found some GEMS while helping her clean and she actually gave us a ton of stuff. I left with new skirts, shirts, toilet paper, paper towels, ziplock bags, water bottles….look, don’t judge. I’m a broke missionary and she wasn’t gunna take it with her all the way to Idaho so I might as well help her not feel wasteful :p
Rockin’ the huge fur coat during the move!
Sister Groce is a doll!
Last night 4 of us missionaries got asked this question by our mission president at a fireside:

"What is 1 thing you wish you would've done before your mission?" These were the 4 answers given:

- I wish I would've learned to pray. to honestly depend on my savior. I wish I would've understood that going to my mom or my best friend was NOTHING compared to going to the source of all truth. That through learning to rely on Him I could be happiest.

-I wish I would have shared the gospel more with the ones around me that I loved. I wish I would've understood that this is THE only way to return back to Heavenly Father and that there are more people willing and searching for the truth than meets the eye.

-I wish I would have learned to see the daily miracles in my life.

-and this was mine, although I was going to say the 1st two but they got taken before my turn :p
I wish I would've spent time on things that actually mattered. I wish I would have spent more time with my family and friends actually TALKING to them and making memories instead of being on Instagram, Facebook and texting. I wish I would have paid more attention in all of my classes (School included), getting actual good information, than trying to sneak my phone. I wish I would have understood that when my parents and leaders at church got on my case, they were doing it because they loved me and saw the potential in me that I didn't see in myself.

I truly do think that we need to re-evaluate where our time and attention get turned to. I am grateful I am on a mission learning things I want to change/be better at when I get home. Everything I am learning here is preparing me to be a better Katie Toolan and future wife/mom/ect.

Ladies and gentleman, it is announcement time. I, Katie Toolan, who eats all things plainer than jane tried my very first “animal style” hamburger and fries at In-N-Out. 1. Be jealous that I have those close around and you don’t. 2. Be proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone. 3. If you have no idea what I’m talking about…google is a beautiful thing haha. Good things are happening here :) lol 

Not toooooo much happened this week. We had more service this week than I did the whole  6 months I was in Diamond Bar lol. I loved it! Keep ya heads up, don't forget to take a shower everyday and tell your parents you love em :)
Sister Toolan

Only in the high desert………..

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