Monday, May 5, 2014

Day by Day Update

HOWDY HOWDY YALL! I’m gunna switch things up a little bit today.

Monday- Most stressful day of the week for a missionary lol. Did the usual, studies, cleaned the apartment, went through a car wash, emailed errrrrbody, practiced piano at church, went to Winco for the first time and bought loooooots of goodies :) Then we had dinner with one of the families in the ward that both the parents are deaf. It’s so cool because in these types of lessons I’ll just give the whole lesson and Sister Treadwell will translate everything. It was cute because the mom gave me my name in sign (you have to get it from a deaf person, that’s the rule I guess? Lol) and she gave me mine because she said she loved my huge rosy cheeks :) cute huh? 

Speaking of my huge/high cheeks reminds me of a REALLY random time in the car with Sister Havens. I was looking in the mirror fixing myself and I got so tickled at my cheeks lol, it was there that I decided I will one day, when I’m old, be “Mrs.Claus” at a mall during Christmas time! Oh man, the things that you think about as a missionary hahah.

Also, I decided I’d work the system this night. We aren’t allowed to set kids in our laps as missionaries but this cute little one kept climbing in my lap and crying wanting me to hold her, so I’d just pick her up and set her right next to me <3

Tuesday- This was one of my most treasured days so far on my mission. Had a wonderful personal study, went to District Meeting (my district leader brought us Mega Stuffed Oreos so you KNOW it was a party! :p) Had lunch with an old man who wants to learned more about the church and set up an appointment with a woman we haven’t been able to get ahold of for a while. It was neat because we were sitting in our car making some calls and I looked up and saw an older woman doing some yard work. I was prompted to go over and offer help, so we did. After a few mins of being there she realized we were missionaries and said “I should’ve known..I could feel God with you girls!” She was so happy to talk to us for a while and said we could come back sometime. After writing in my journal that night I realized this: my day was full of revelation/spiritual promptings for me. I have grown so much. I’m not a perfect teacher but I’m way more confident than ever and I haven’t been scared to be bold lately. I know Heavenly Father is shaping me into who He wants me to be. It was so nice to reflect on my day and see how much the Lord had played a part in it.

Wednesday- Nothing too special. Oh wait…I did find the biggest mailbox EVER. And got ridiculous hats for our service project Friday. That’s about it though.

Thursday- Got taken to our second buffet of the week for dinner. I thought I would explode. Lets face it though, even if you’re stuffed you HAVE to have the fried bread dunked in sugar….maybe like 3 or 4...either way it’s like a sin to leave without getting some!! Luckily after that we went over to this one apartment complex we go to a lot and there were like 8 little black kids out playing basketball and football and they asked us to join. IT WAS SO FUN/CUTE! They were teaching us how to properly thrown a football and stuff. We ended up getting into a huge water fight and meeting the moms of all the kids…they each said we could come over sometime and share a message :) We were also given 2 referrals from an INVESTIGATOR! He was like “uhm…yeah, you need to go visit these people. They need Jesus and even more important they need to hear what yall have. It’s special!” hahaha. It was a great day!

Friday- we had a HUGE service project with the zone. 19 missionaries + one gigantic backyard = lots of laughs and good times. One thing I’m loving about being here is that we have a ton more service to do, which is the best. The rest of the night we were stuck inside because all the dirt from service got Sister Treadwell congested and stuff. Ew.

Saturday- GOT TWO MORE REFFERALS! People. Let me lay it down for you really quick. Members’ being involved with the missionaries is crucial. Our mission has a statistic that 1 out of every 40 investigator us missionaries find on our own efforts get baptized, but 1 out of every THREE get baptized when it’s a referral given through a member. There are more people out there ready and well prepared by the Lord to hear our unique message to the world than we think. Don’t be scared. Asked the Lord for help and SHARE THE GOSPEL.
Anywho, there is a 70 year old man here who has been through like 9 sets of missionaries and will never commit to a baptism date because he feels he doesn’t know enough. We went over, had one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve ever been in. I explained to Him that he does know enough, more than enough to get baptized and that once he is baptized and receives the gift of the Hold Ghost he will be able to understand and comprehend SO much more. That’s one of the blessings of having the Holy Ghost. We set a date with him and asked him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if that was a reasonable/good date. He said a beautiful prayer and when he asked if it was a good date and if he was prepared enough he started to cry. The spirit was so strong. This is what it’s all about.
Oh, and we went to ANOTHER buffet..grand total= 3 buffets in one week, 15 lbs gained. 

Sunday- Sister Treadwell woke up even more sick than before so we didn’t get to go to church….first timei’ve missed church in a whiiiile lol. I felt really out of place. Out of boredom i: watched all like 4 hours of the District, painted my nails, deeeeep cleaned the kitchen, read my scriptures like crazy, took a nice 2 hour nap, and wrote a good amount of letters. It’s so hard being stuck at home as a missionary. COMPLETE BOREDOM. Makes you grateful though and ready to work :)

I also realized how much better this companionship has been so far simply because we have taken the time to really get to know each other. It’s amazing how much you grow to love someone just by understanding their life and why they do the things they do. It also takes YOU having to open up as well. I think that I’ve been so busy wanting to seem strong and happy in past companionships that I failed to let them know I was scared, hurt, lonely at times, and THAT’s when we could’ve grown.  If anything I have recognized that THIS is the way to have a working companionship. I’ve just learned a lot this week lol.

It was a short in a long way kinda week lol. As a missionary the days go by slow but the weeks go by fast! I am sorry for boring you with information you probably didn’t care about today, but I cared so I shared haha. The High Desert hasn’t grown on me yet, but I’m trying to allow it to lol. So until then I’m just truckin’ along!
I am SO excited to FaceTime home this week on Mothers Day. YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND. :)))))))) see yall on Sunday <3
Sister Toolan

Sister Toolan & Treadwell

Our awkward “missionaries can’t touch” picture!

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