Monday, May 26, 2014

Do You Love Me?

I can’t believe I’ve already been in Hesperia 6 weeks already. The Transfers keep going by faster and faster…I do NOT like it! I love being here. As in California. Not Hesperia. Hesperia hasn’t quite grown on me yet haha. Anywho.
Sister Toolan & Packer at Zone Conference
Sister Treadwell goes “do you remember snoring last night??” I was like….nooooo??? (I was sick last week and so because I was stopped up I guess I was snoring) She continues “well I kept saying ‘Sister Toolan you’re snoring’ because it was keeping me awake and NOTHING was changing ..then I finally go ‘KATIE you’re snoring’ and as soon as I did that you just stopped!” hahahha it was hilarious. I guess I only like to go by Katie in my sleep.

Us Sisters got asked to sing in sacrament meeting this week so literally the day before we go and practice a song we had never even heard of, got up and sang it at church then afterwards got asked if we would sing at this little girls baptism this coming up weekend lol. I guess it’s safe to say that we put on quite the show :p JK! But I love that Heavenly Father is allowing me to use the gifts/talents He gave me on my mission.
Tahauri Family
Alright so usually when you find people to teach as missionaries it’s the husbands that are all against it and not willing to let their wife get baptized…we have the OPPOSITE problem up here in Hesperia.  We have so many men up here that are wanting to get baptized but the wives are all like “heck no, immma use my manipulative powers to not allow this very righteous thing to happen!” it blows my mind, I’m like people: why would you want to stop your husband from doing something that will make him a waaaaaaaaaaaay better man before?
The Famous Woody's
 Something that I thought of this week: I wonder if the reason we are given so many signs of the second coming of our Savior is Heavenly Fathers way of giving us even more chances to take advantage of the atonement and repent before it happens. Like Him going “look, it’s coming. You better get your act together before it’s too late!”

Food for thought: If the gospel is true, why aren’t we true to the gospel?
We are so blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel in our lives, yet we deny ourselves of the many blessings that come from it by falling away. If we know the church is true then we should be striving to be our best selves every single day. I know that I got a huge wake up call about that this week. We had Zone Conference with President Hobbs and while there he showed us this video clip:

The whole time I kept hearing “Katie, do you love me..Do you love me more than you love all of this?” I realized that if I truly do love Him like I say I do then I would quit slackin’ off and get to work so that I can defend His faith and feed His lambs. I realized there was a loooooot of room for improvement in my obedience in mission rules. I went home PUMPED about changing and since have done a lot of that. I feel so happy. I know the Lord blesses us when we obey, especially when it’s hard to obey.
It comes down to this: If our love for the Savior hasn’t driven us to change then we do NOT understand what He has done for us and we aren’t convert unto Him.

We went and saw this 63 year old black woman this week and when leaving said “thank you so much for letting us stop by and see you!!” she, very loudly goes “hey, thanks for coming to see me, it’s good to be seen…HAAAAAAAAAAAY” hahahahah I was rollin’.

I don’t have too much time to write today, so I’ll have to just fill ya in on anything important next week! LOVE YOU GUYS. Pray. Pray so much. Talk more to Heavenly Father than you do anyone else.
Sister Toolan
Sister Toolan still taking selfies...<3!

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