Wednesday, September 10, 2014

They cook biscuits in Cali!

Exchanges with S.Higbee! We helped set up for a circus party!
Complete honesty? This week was really slow. Actually, let me correct that statement—it’s been a long TWO weeks. We really haven’t been able to get in to see anyone the missionaries had already been working with, not that many people have allowed us to talk to them, not even that many members have been home. It’s crazy though, because even though it’s been slow during the day…it’s gone by way fast. We have been working our tails off. We have been knockin’ all the doors you could think of. I think its Heavenly Fathers way of teaching us how to get back in the habit of talking to people, the importance of still finding on our own even when we have people to work with. It has helped us see many miracles.
-our nonmember neighbors offered to give us a free washer and dryer for our place!!!
-got to do the coolest service project of my life. We helped a man in the ward that breeds birds catch some to sell. We were runnin’ around like chickens with our heads cut off…hehe. I wish we could have videoed it, because it was priceless.

-one of the elderly missionaries in the mission office called me his favorite missionary!! :) hahah.

My favorite miracle this week though: we knocked this one door and a Hispanic woman opened up. Her two little kids, who were EXTREMELY shy, were standing with her and wouldn’t look at us. We asked if she would want Spanish missionaries to come visit her and she politely said no. we smile, gave her a card, said goodbye and before you know it the two little kids ran out to give us the biggest hug ever. Why this was a miracle? I walked away KNOWING that because of their sweet, innocent spirits, those two little kids KNEW Sister Cauble and I were representatives of Jesus Christ, that we were good and that what we had to share was true. Heavenly Father helped strengthen my testimony that people can know just from our countenance, depending on whether or not we are worthy of the spirit, who we are and what we stand for. Even two little kids under 8.

Around a month ago the district leaders came out saying we weren't supposed to be letter writing any other day than Monday and my thought process was "I will start following that rule once I get caught back up on the million letters I have to respond too..." then this week (after still not even having time to have finished them anyways lol) I was humbled and realized that if I follow through with that mindset that I am 1. showing the Lord was is more important to me, which is actually of no importance. 2. I’m ridding myself of blessings from following the rule and 3. Justifying, just as our investigators do at times the commandments. I made the decision to stop and never do it again. I am happy with my decision. It’s funny how we always are happy with our decisions, no matter the outcome, when we do something Heavenly Father smiles down upon.
Pretty clouds

Most perfect recipe for biscuits that you'll ever find?
4 C. Bisquick mix
1 C. Sour Cream
1 C. 7-Up (the soda)
Melt some butter in a pan before you dish out the mix to put in the oven….oh my word yall. You probably think I’m crazy, but I’m 100% serious. Best. Things. Ever. I guess sour cream makes anything/everything moist. So for those of you reading this that are cookers (mom, don’t even TRY to act like you are ;p jk, love you!!!!) this is going to benefit you in the future lol.

Something funny I heard this week: FORD aka Fix Or Repair Daily. ;p #CHEVYFORTHEWIN. I’m just sayin’

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. Think about that for a second. It’s like church: once you start going, the more you learn. Then, the more you learn, the more you understand just how much we don’t know. A little girl asked this week why God doesn’t just let us know everything there is to know. But if that was the case, there would be no point in even coming to earth. We come here to be tested. To see if we will have the faith to follow Him or if we will take the “easy road” out. Knowing everything would defeat the purpose. However, the more we diligently study, pray, ask Him questions; the more He will reveal unto us at this time. Heavenly Fathers plan is so vast and perfect. Our mortal, imperfect selves just could NOT handle alllllla that!!!!

You know why I love the mission? I get to meet the most amazing people. There is a family here who hadn’t been coming to church for a while then they started getting back into it, the dad ended up baptizing a few of his girls and becoming the best family in the ward. A few months ago the dad passed away very unexpectedly. Although it breaks my heart to see them having a hard day at times and understanding the reason they are sad in the eyes, their faith and story give me so much strength. The other night we went over to see them and the little boy who has autism was BEGGING me to jump in the bounce house with him. Well, I looooooove kids like him, so even though I was in a skirt and everything you KNOW I was up in there jumpin’ with him. It made me so happy though because this was the conversation the whole time
Him: “hey.”
Me: “hey bud.”
Him: “I love you.”
Me: “I love you too.”
Him: “Hey….hey!...hey. love you.”
Over and over and over. I was hot, sweaty, gross, tired as all get out and felt old…but THAT was worth it :)

We got to go to temple today as a zone and I feel so happy and refreshed right now. It’s so nice going and learning more about the Savior and His plan for us. The spirit is so strong just when you walk in the front doors. I know that when I go home being worthy to go and striving to make going a priority no matter how close/far it’s located is a goal of mine. I’m so thankful to have a mission president who allows us to go and refocus, recommit, and relearn at the temple.
Hesperia A Zone

Girls only!

The family that drove us to the temple. Gotta love awkward family photos :p

I hope you’re all doing your part to help the missionaries find people to teach. Know that I love you all so very much and am thankful for the support I receive from you. Be happy. Be thankful always.
Sister Toolan

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