Monday, August 4, 2014

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Not really sure how I didn’t already tell yall this, buuuuuuuuuuuut: On August 23rd, we will be blessed to attend ANOTHER special missionary conference. Elder Russell M. Nelson, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will preside at and train us missionaries in that conference. He will be accompanied by Elder Larry S. Kacher of the Seventy. These are opportunities I would have missed out on had I not come on my mission. Every single day I am reminded of how perfect the decision to serve a full time mission was.

2 Random facts about me before I tell you about my week:
·         I don’t like milk unless it is WAY cold. Warm milk is just not okay. Gotta be chilly. I’ve even been known to stick a glass in the freezer while I wait for a pop tart to get out of the toaster and such. That’s just the only way to do it.
·         I am also known to say things wrong. All. The. Time. It’s funny because I will be around like 15 missionaries and say something (completely innocently) and it will come out HORRIBLE. Then I get made fun of for it hahha. It makes it even worse that I don’t mean to do it. But hey, it spices life up a little I guess…or that’s what I tell myself anyways hahah.

Monday- HILARIOUS DAY. Shall I explain? I shall. Alright, so there are so many elders in the area who have given me a really hard time in the past and we figured we’d pull a prank on them. We wanted to do it a few weeks ago, but when we found out one of their birthdays was on the 28th, we knew it’d make our plan even better. We bought Methylene Blue which is effective against superficial fungal infections of fish. It also, if put into food, will make humans pee turn blue. So we went to a members house, made cupcakes and added this fish cleaner in!!! We dropped it off at their house acting like it was from the “relief society” the womans group in the church hahah. We wanted to have the reaction as well so we also partook of the cupcakes…they were DELISH. But indeed, they will make your pee turn blue haha. We figured we’d never hear about it buuuuut: a twist came about. On Tuesday we had to go switch cars with some different elders and when we went to pick it up we gave them two leftover cupcakes as a “token of our gratitude for allowing us to borrow their car for a week” mwuhahahah. Needless to say, the next morning we had a text from those elders asking what we had put in the cupcakes and we were DYING laughing the whole time. By the end of it all the 1st group of elders text us saying “thank you relief society” hahahaha. At one point last week there were 8 missionaries in Hesperia experiencing weird side effects from Fish Cleaner in delicious cupcakes :) Moral of the story? Don’t mess with me. And I love to have fun and make a good laugh!! That whole day we had missionaries calling asking if we had any more blue cupcakes hahahah. #nailedit.

Tuesday- I’ve been driving a Ford the last 3 months which I knew if my daddy ever found out about that’d he’d be mad. We are a Chevy family all the way baby!!!! But since we swaped cars for a little I’ve been driving a Chevy Cruze!! It’s not my favorite but anythings better than a Ford ;p jkkkkkk. Kinda. The elders had this one scent in it though that Sister Havens used to always use when we were in Chino together, so now everytime I get in the car I get reminded of the good days down there :’)
Had probably the most spiritual dinner thoughts I’ve ever had. It’s crazy to see how much the Lord will guide/completely change your direction in lessons just to help one of His children out. I love being able to feel the spirit and to recognize His promptings.

Wednesday- Our elders didn’t have any food and were out of money, so we bought them lunch and took it to them. We figured a little service ain’t ever hurt nobody!!! While we were driving we saw a “Crestview Dr.” I swear, it’s like every area I serve in always points back to home <3 I love it. We got to see a less active we hadn’t been able to get ahold of for like a month. And while at ASL study, Sis Winkler ended up being a super awesome missionary and sharing the gospel with the nonmember she had invited to join. We ended up (all 4 missionaries) teaching her a lesson. It was so cool. I love deaf people. They are so blunt and don’t care to share!!!

Thursday- we went and visited a less active that we hadn’t tried since I had been here and homegirl called us and REPREMINDED us in a voicemail for stopping by. It was the rudest thing I had heard in a while. But it’s okay, you don’t feel like a true missionary unless you get yelled at every once in a while. Sad, huh? Haha. I made a video of the voicemail on my camera so I won’t ever be able to forget that sweet, sweet woman haha.

Friday- IT WAS HOT AS FIRE THIS WEEK AND FOR THIS DAY WE WEREN’T OUTSIDE AS MUCH. #hallelujah.  Also, that night I was laying in bed and had a prompting to get up and check the front door…reason I know it was 100% a prompting? Got up and not a single part of that door was locked. And this ain’t small town crestview fl we talkin’ about…you lock your doors here!!! I was so thankful that Heavenly Father cared about the safety of His missionaries enough to get me up (which is a chore once I lay down, but I knew who was trying to talk to me and I wasn’t going to ignore it!). amazing.
116 Degrees???????
Saturday- IT RAINED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER IN HESPERIA. It’s funny because it will seriously rain every where around us, but never actually here. We are like the forbidden center. Oh well, it rained and that’s all that matters :) rain doesn’t smell the same here…it smells like burning plastic to me haha. Made me miss home. Talked to some married people this day who were totally making sexual comments about one another in front/to us…it was the most awkward thing of my life. Ew. I’m still weirded out. I also counseled a 12 year old on internet safety. Felt like a true mom in training haha.

Sunday- Gunna be honest…was NOT the best day. Well, the start wasn’t at least, that’s for sure. It started out awful. By the time church started I was a mess, just, yeah. I just was not feeling love of any importance at all. I felt like I hadn’t been doing my job here in Bear Valley and letting everyone down. I wanted to pray for help but I didn’t end up doing it. Why? I honestly don’t know. Heavenly Father knows us and our thoughts so perfectly though….a woman in Relief Society raised her hand and made a comment about how we, the sister missionaries in the ward right now, are like her little sisters and how we are gems in this ward who they are really grateful to have. I felt overwhelmed by my Saviors love at that moment. The day only got better from there. Had a deaf lesson and it was awesome. The woman from the family we met at Ross last week was actually there and sat in on it, loved what she heard and wants to learn more. Incredbible. Also, during the lesson the deaf little girls fell asleep at the table…you know she is deaf when you are in THE loudest house in the world and she is sleeping hahha.

Overall everything turned out. We have a good week ahead of us and I’m looking at it on the bright side :) I hope to have more time to share some neat spiritual experiences with you. I keep running out of time lately :( sorry. Love yall.
Sister Toolan 

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