Monday, July 28, 2014

I Love Being A Missionary!!!!!!

First and foremost. AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN I TALK ABOUT AVOCADAS BEING A VEGTABLE WHEN IT’S TOTALLY A FRUIT. So let me correct myself now: Avo’s should be Calis state FRUIT! Hahaha, only me :)
Getting to hang with Elder Morgan that I told you about last week
Alright, now onto the good stuff! This week has been incredible. I can’t believe it was only a few days ago that I was able to hug my family around their necks. That was one of the neatest experiences EVER. The week flew by. I can’t believe we are already in week 3 of the 6 week transfer. I am sorry but I honestly don’t think words will be able to describe how wonderful things went. I love the temple.

PROOF THAT HEAVENLY FATHER WILL DO WHAT HE HAS TO DO TO HELP HIS CHILDREN FIND THE TRUTH WHEN THEY ARE READY: Monday we were standing in line to return something at Ross (can I just say that I DESPISE shopping. It’s not even funny. It’s miserable. Anywho!) and I see this family signing. I look at Trizzy (my gangster name for Sister Treadwell) and go YOU NEED TO GO TALK TO THEM. Well, we thought of every excuse in the book to not do it and finally they were walking out of the store. As they walked away a voice said “Sister Toolan, you’ve been praying to find a family to teach and you’re letting one walk away as we speak…” I looked at trizzy and just started running…we LITERALLY ran after these people. We talked to him a little, he was way nice, he asked if we had a contact card but we didn’t given the circumstances (won’t ever make that mistake again) and we left 1. Feeling so good. And 2. Feeling sad because we thought we’d never see him again..
WELL….Wednesday we were trying to figure out who to see and thought of this deaf woman we hadn’t seen in a while but were a little spectical because she didn’t have a phone for us to contact her on and she lives far away (we only get so many miles allotted to us each month) but went ahead over. When we get there one of the deaf members of our ward who we hadn’t seen in like a month had JUST pulled in, the girl had JUST woken up and was so excited to see us and then…..drumroll please……as we are talking to her the garage door swings open and I look away quickly and think “hmm…that face looked familiar..where have I..??” then it hit!! Then IIII hit Sis Treadwell (mid convo with the girl) and am like “SISTER TREADWELL THAT IS THE MAN FROM ROSS. HE IS HERE RIGHT NOW!! WE HAVE TO GO SEE HIM!!!!” We went..well ran…again to talk to him, got to give him a contact card and invite him to church. It was so amazing. I left in awe. I couldn’t believe how perfect Heavenly Fathers plan is. We must follow those prompting that we get from the Spirit WHEN we get them. I will remember that experience the rest of my mission. I have no idea if they will ever even come to church, but I know I have proved to Heavenly Father that I’m willing to open my mouth and share the gospel.
Cracking up with Johnny!
I am thoroughly convinced that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. I’ve always thought that, but this week He gave me even more reason to believe it. Our district had asked us what they could pray for us about and we told them we had been having issues with our services on Sundays not going so well and to pray for that. Trizzy and I kept praying that we would have good speakers and lessons so our investigators would be able to enjoy it and feel the spirit. Well, what would ya know: Saturday comes and we get a call asking to both speak in sacrament meeting the next day, for 20 mins a piece.Saturday was JAMMED pack so we had ZERO time to prepare and right as we started to before church started an investigator and his wife walked in so we never got to. It ended up going really well and I bore my testimony from the pulpit in sign. The deaf members were so happy. And luckily, I made it without bawlin’ like a baby lol. I realized I never need to ask for that again, because Heavenly Father will send me the whole “oh, you want a better sacrament meeting? How about I get YOU to give the talk and go through the stress of it all then??” hahahha. He’s a good one :)

Sister Treadwell and I get called “TnT” now! Oh, and I also getting called “Sister Toolan-Fish” little kids are the best. Speaking of names, a woman in the ward made us the cutest little plaques with our names on it. It was so sweet.

I know that one of the reasons I was sent to this area/ward/zone was the learn communication. I have realized just how crucial it is to have. I know that it’s something I haven’t always been the best at, but while being here I’ve had to get over it and put up with the awkwardness and just do it. Communication ends up being the error to all issues. Like everything could be solved if we would do that, and do it with love and sincere desire to help. I know this will help me not only in the rest of my mission but also when I get home and start dating, get married, have children, the whole thang.

I don’t know why I haven’t already told yall about this one man that we are teaching but he used to have cancer and so he had to get a trache and it’s been holding him back from baptism. Well he has surgery today and will be able to talk again and will get to be baptized at the end of the month!! It’s a miracle. He is so excited. He’s been waiting for this day for a while.

Going to the temple was indescribable. I left WAY tired from all the spiritualness that went on that day, but I left so happy. I felt the Savior close to me. I felt His love for my family and I. it wasn’t hard saying bye to them because I know no matter what now we will be together forever. Plus: I only have 9 months left…it’s going to FLY. Maybe I will have more time to explain next week.  I’m running late. SORRY:(

Can’t wait to hear from you all soon. You’re the best. Love you lots.
Sister Toolan!

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