Monday, July 7, 2014

Sister Toolan Is Getting WILD & CRAZY On Us!

I’m going to warn you, this one might be a long one, but it’s deff worth reading. We had a ton of fun things happen this week!! Sorry for all of the pictures too, but you just can’t pass up snappin’ all the good times :) Shall we start from the beginning??

Monday- Sister Treadwell and I didn’t have to car pool with any other sisters this week and we had a few extra miles for the month so we decided to go to Scandia (family fun place) and ride this one ride that they have at Big Kahunas back home. Dakota and I (please note Dakota Scott (which two t’s) Woodward that I said “Dakota and I” and that I think about you often!) had gone on it a few years ago so I knew it’d be fun. We called ahead to make sure it wasn’t too expensive and were so excited to go. So we get there and start to pay and the lady goes “Oh, it’s free for you.” We were like….uhhhh?? what?? She went on to tell us that it’s owned/ran by Mormons so all missionaries get in free!!!! We knew from that moment on that it was going to be a DARN good day. We go ride the “sky screamer” and Sister Treadwell was FLIPPING out yelling “I HATE YOU SISTER TOOLAN! I HATE YOU!!!!” Then by the end she was screaming “I LOVE YOU SISTER TOOLAN!!!!!” hahah it’s so funny because I’ve been making her come out of her shell lately and it’s been a blast. Needless to say, it was awesome. 
And we still had tickets left so we went around riding all the rides like little kids in hog heaven!! We rode the bumper cars then the bumper boats. While on the bumper boats we were with 2 little boys and the SOAKED us. Like we had stood in a shower for 5 mins then got out. Only difference is there’s no humidity here so we were semi dry in like 40 mins haha. We get done there, get in the car and Treadwell goes “The only thing that could make this day better is rolling down the windows and blasting…church music!” hahah #missionaryprobz. About ½ way to the church she goes “Wait. Was doing the bumper boats apostate? Did we just break a huge rule???” HAHAHAH we started dying laughing. We were so caught up in a happy high that we totally blew over the fact that that was a water sport and 100% against the missionary rules!!! So we get to the church and the sprinklers are going so we decide to go run through the sprinklers a few mins to have a good excuse as to why we are wet to all the other missionaries :p Literally was THE best pday I’ve ever had and wouldn’t change it for the world.
New watch I bought from getting so wet: $10
Dippin’ Dots at Scandia: $3.50
Realizing we had broken a huge rule way after the fact: PRICELESS.

Tuesday- Some of our deaf members in the ward decided on impulse to get married all of the sudden. So Treadwell had to go interpret the whole thing. I never thought I would be attending a wedding on my mission, nonetheless a deaf one! It was so sweet. They were so nervous but excited :) One of the deaf little girls was sitting next to me and when it came time for them to kiss I kept messing with her about what they were about to do, then when they finally did she was so grossed out haahha. Oh, to be a 9 year old again hahah.

Wednesday- Found a new investigator which was nice!! Other than that it was an alright day.

Thursday- One of our investigators during her prayer goes “Thank you Heavenly Father for sending me the groovesome, awesome, twosome!” talking about us missionaries hahaha. It took everything in me NOT to laugh during that prayer. The good news is we committed her to baptism and she said yes!!!! Then Sister Woody (crazy as ever!! Love that woman) called us “Two men on a treadmill” she said that helps her remember “Toolan and Treadwell” haha. It was a day full of laughs :)

Friday- HAPPPPPPY 4TH OF JULY ERRONE!! I quite possibly had THE best 4th of July on my mission EVER. Which is good because it’s my only one I’ll have as a missionary haha. We wake up and someone invites us over for breakfast. It was tasty. Went to another members and figured out some ways to help the people in the ward here. Sister Treadwell was able to pop my neck, which never happens. Had a wonderful lesson with our 84 year old investigator.THEN THE REAL FUN BEGAN! We went, along with two other sisters, to a family’s house in our ward for dinner. We were told to wear jeans and such because we’d be helping with water balloons. We go, have wonderful food, good conversation, then the water wars begin. I swear I was like THE only one out of all the missionaries getting water poured on them and stuff hahah it was so funny. I realized as we were sitting there around the pool eating how hard it’s always been on the missionaries back home who we invite over and just have to watch us swim, but all members know missionaries aren’t allowed to do that, especially Return Missionaries (RM), right?? WRONG! Since we were all so wet we decided to go stand by the pool and take pictures so we could send it home joking that we got in…and while over there 3 RMs’ push all of the sisters into the pool but me…I get away, but another RM catches me and THROWS me in!!! th of july ever. Then we went home (had to be in by 6 due to heavy drinking on this holiday) and blew bubbles with all the neighborhood kids hahha. :) Only thing I can say negative about this day?? NO HOMEMADE ICECREAM!!!! Seriously. I got spoiled being raised in the south with that all the time. I missed it so much.
We were all in such shock and I am pretty sure I forgot how to swim for that little bit hahah. It didn’t help that we were in jeans, vans, watches, all that good stuff. It was so heavy!!! IT WAS AWESOME THOUGH. And I’m not mad at all hahaha, so worth it. Best 4th!

Saturday- There was an earthquake again!!! It was cool. Sister Treadwell and I decided to have a sleepover in our living room as well. I seriously will always love those things.

Sunday- We got asked to teach a class in church last minute and I realized then that I have changed. I was totally calm. Didn’t get too nervous and was able to fill the whole time. The old Sister Toolan would have had a nervous breakdown!!! I was thankful to finally see some improvement in myself. Sometimes that is really hard to see…easy to see in others, but hard in ourselves.

Sorry I don’t have time to write any of my spiritual moments from the week, I promise I had them! I just had too many stories to tell. Moral of the story: Me and water did NOT get along this week. It kept getting me in trouble without me knowing it. I will leave you with this though, it’s a video about how the first Sister Missionaries were able to go out and how it all started. Pretty cool if you ask me!!
OOH! And as I was looking at my pictures today to see which ones to send home I saw this picture that I hadn’t taken…Sister Treadwell had. She took a picture of her journal entry from the other night so I could see it…she was sneaky :p but too sweet. Love her.
 Transfers are this week. WE find out Saturday and I honestly have NO idea what will happen. Wouldn’t matter anyways, I’m never right at those things hahah. I love yall. Stay happy, happy, happy!!!
Sister Toolan

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