Monday, June 30, 2014

Miracles are happing!!!!

Signing with my favorite little deaf child, Alexia:)
Last Monday was my Miracle Monday!” I think I’ve already told you all; Sister Treadwell broke her tailbone (or so we thought) from me pushing her down the stairs after getting mad at her a few weeks ago……….JUST KIDDING. I didn’t push her :) But really about the whole tailbone thing. So Monday night we had setup an FHE (Family Home Evening) with one of the families in the ward and while shopping they called and cancelled and we were super bummed..Well we go to dinner at this single womans house and she had ended up inviting all of her family over to join, which was a MIRACLE because ½ way through dinner I look at Treadwell and she’s in tears…homegirl NEVER lets people see her cry. So I knew she was reallllly in a lot of pain. Because this sweet woman had invited her family over we were able to stop everything and go in the living room to watch 2 priesthood holders give her a blessing of healing and comfort. Because the family had cancelled FHE with us we were able to go home and let her get the rest she needed instead of worrying about letting them down by having to call and say we couldn’t go anymore. Literally everything worked out the way it needed to and it was amazing to see that the Lord already knew earlier that afternoon that Treadwell would have that happen and he provided a way, as always. I left there knowing that I want to do everything in my power to always have the priesthood in my home, so that when needed, I could call upon it. I am thankful for worthy priesthood holders and I know for a fact that I want to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity with someone who understands the importance of that.

On the bright side of things we went to Urgent Care on Tuesday and found out her tailbone is NOT broken and they gave her drugs to help with all the pain. Bad news? The pains hit her the wrong way Tuesday night and she almost passed out. I sat with her on the ground for an hour fanning her….my arm is still sore…hahah. If anything, Sister Treadwell has helped me, through all the injuries, how to be a good mom someday hahah.

This week I have reflected on the words of my wise parents who would tell me “You don’t get rewarded for bad behavior” every time I did something wrong. I see my Heavenly Father giving me the same council as my earthly parents. I think some of us are under the assumption that we can just do whatever we want to with our lives because it doesn’t matter anyways #yolo. That we can just come here to this earth and live the way we want to live, and as long as we BELIEVE in God that we will be saved and blessed. But we are so wrong if we truly believe that. 

“Ye are eternally indebted to your Heavenly Father Mosiah 2:3” Heavenly Father not only ISN’T going to bless us for doing wrong, but CANNOT bless us when we are doing wrong. He expects us to be big girls and boys like we think we are and make correct choices for ourselves. To stand up and do what’s right even though it isn’t the most popular thing. To live our lives in harmony to His son, Our Saviors life. We just aren’t going to get rewarded for bad behavior. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to stand before Him some day and be scared because I know I lived a horrible life. I want to stand before Him, in all confidence that I strived to be like Him here on the earth, that I took advantage of the atonement and repented when I needed to (which Is every single day) and that I came and accomplished all that He knew I could. We can’t just do whatever and expect to be happy. Making Christ the center of our lives and making good decisions will ALWAYS make us happy. End of discussion.

This is to everyone (well, my blogs are always to everyone hahah but you know what I mean). Idk if yall remember David Archuleta or not but this is an incredible interview with him about his mission. 

Exciting things that happened this week:
-Our poor car, Anne, got backed into this week. She looks so beat up :(

-Woodys 70th birthday was this week so we made him a cake and he was SO excited..he also called us his adopted daughters which was THE best feeling ever. Made me feel like I was doing something right.

-Ate dinner at a members house who own a pet pig…hm. Yeah. It was awesome haha.

Since being here in Hesperia I’ve made a new friend at Winco. He works in the produce section and every time we are there we talk and have a jolly ole’ time. Well anyways, last week while we were talking he looks at Sister Treadwell and I and goes “ yall must be really close. I always see a lot of missionaries come in here, but yall are ALWAYS together. Yall must be like the best of friends!!!” We walked away and jokingly talked about how funny it’s that people ACTUALLY think we like each other and how good of actors we must be :p hahhaha. It was really funny. Little does he know we spend ever waking second together as companions hah.

Alright, I’m about to be on my way to a mini theme park to have some fun! Keep thinking happy thoughts and smiling :)
Sister Toolan
Deaf Wedding

Lunch with the STL's:  My leg cramped up and Sister Cook was there to save the day...Sister Price...was there to photo bomb!

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