Monday, March 31, 2014

First Earthquake!

Oh my stars. This week has been nothing but incredible and it flew by WAY too fast. There were so many times that I just sat back and wondered to myself what I had done to deserve all the great things happening. I really don’t think I’ve ever prayed and told Heavenly Father thank you as many times as I did this week!
More loving from Hermana Clark!
For starters we set a baptismal date with another one of our investigators this week for April 19th! I’ve been praying for opportunities to be bold (because I’m really bad at that. I like to beat around the bush wayyyyyyyyyyy too much) and boy has He given them to me! It was so neat because the day I committed her to that date I was on exchanges with Sister Ott and I was scared to death, but I said a little prayer to myself and went for it! The Lord really does put the words in our mouths as missionaries.

Experienced my very first earthquake this week…whoooooo….trippy :) but seriously. I was knocked the heck out from taking NyQuil that night and all of the sudden I felt the whole room just move in waves…I thought I was having a bad dream or possibly just the fact that I was drugged up lol, my heart was just a poundin’!!! IT WAS AWESOME! Scary and trippy, but awesome. Am I getting a ton of experience out here or what?!?

There's not much hot water at the church buildings so the missionaries work hard to make the water as warm as possible!
Alright, so Guillermos baptism this weekend? Perfect. A tooooon of people came to support him in his big day. It was gorgeous outside and the spirit there was so strong. The Lord helped me out a ton because I had been getting sick and was freaking out because I had to sing/give a talk that day. Literally like an hour after the baptism I lost my voice. I love knowing that Heavenly Father is looking out for me :) Anyways, Guillermo is awesome! He got up and talked about how happy he was to finally have a “new life”. He talked about how quitting coffee was really hard for him but every time he would walk by the coffee spot at work and want to get some he’d think about how “sister toolan is gunna come over to my house and smell the coffee on my breath like a hounddog so I stayed away!!” hahahah. He also talked about how Sister Hansen and I are like his step daughters now and how much he loves us. UHM? :')))
I adore him and his family. I love them. He made so many changes to follow Christ example to be baptized. Now his family is very close behind him in making the same steps. This church is true y'all.

Thumbs UP!
Baptism day!
After the baptism we went to Rancho and had a Sisters Conference with ALL the sisters in the mission. I got to see my old friends and companions and it was an absolute blast. I loved that in the Conference they said “We need to love each other more, we need to love each other better.” So true.
All the sisters that have served in Diamond Bar
So then after what seemed to be a perfect day we go to church Sunday and FOUR of our investigators were there!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY I WAS/AM?!?!? We have never had that many people at church. Ever. It’s so exciting to see how much the Lord is hastening the work here in Diamond Bar. Even though it scares me (because with things going THIS well I’m deffff getting moved next go around) it makes me so happy. More and more people are coming to know the truth for themselves. One of the investigators pulled me in as I was walking past her right after church and said “I just wanted you to know I am really REALLY glad I got to come to church today!” Oh my. You know I was teared up. I am so glad I decided to come on a mission.

General Conference is coming up this weekend…YAY! Missionaries dream come true :) Don’t know what Conference is?? Check this out:
I would encourage you ALL to go to conference with a question in mind. Something that you have a hard time believing, or something you are struggling with right now, anything! Let the Lord answer your question in Conference. Prepare yourself for it so that you can get as much out of it as possible. I promise you that if you go with a sincere question/concern in your heart, it WILL be answered.

I noticed that my pants were getting a little tighter so I decided it was time to cut back on some goodies. I just want you all to know that I, Katie Toolan, went a WHOLE entire day without sweets on Thursday! That NEVER happens. Lol. I am trying to watch what I eat during the day since I can’t control what I’m fed at night when the members feed us, so far it’s working! Oh wait….we are going to ChickFilA here in like an hour….ok, so maybe it’s not working as much as I’d like…but BABY STEPS PEOPLE!!!! Baby steps.

I’m wearing a shirt right now that I haven’t worn since I left for my mission so it still smells like laundry from home. It’s making me happy as can be :)
Ok, enough of all this for now! Carry on with your lives!
Love & miss yall.
Sister Toolan 

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