Monday, February 24, 2014


A mighty miracle has already taken place in my life this morning! We washed our car then to Target to get our shopping out of the way and then back home for juuust a quick minute. While we were home I felt like going ahead and writing a letter home (which I don’t usually do until after we go email). Right when I was done I went to get a stamp out of my wallet and realized my wallet was NOT in my purse…which meant I had left it at Target. In the shopping cart. Outisde. :O we left RIGHT then and headed back to see if we could find it. You KNOW I was praying like crazy the whole way there. I had alllll my debit/credit cards in there, stamps, $20 in cash, gift cards, my license, everything.
It wasn’t in any of the buggies (speaking of which: everyone out here makes fun of me for calling them buggies lol. #southerntwang) so we went inside straight to customer service. My wallet WAS there and NOTHING had been tampered with. We got back to the car and while I was saying my “thank you sooo much Heavenly Father” prayer I realized that it wasn’t coincidence that I decided to write a letter way before I usually do, or that we actually had the miles to be able to go back and check, or that He gave me yet another opportunity to put complete trust in Him. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
Becca drew a picture of me....I didn't know my hand looked like a RAKE!

I HAVE BEEN OUT 4 MONTHS NOW. WHAT IN THE WORLD. WHERE DID TIME GO?! I also turn 20 in 2 weeks….uhhh………no. I am starting to feel old. This can’t be happening.
 I focused my studies a lot around faith this week. I see now that missionary work is all based on OUR faith as missionaries. Without it we won’t be able to accomplish much.

Moroni 7: 33 gave me a wake up call.  
33 And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.

If I have faith in Christ, He will give me the power to do anything that is expedient to Him and I’m thinnnnkkkkiiiiing bringing souls unto Him is kiiiinda something He’d approve of. Just sayin’. So I just realized that I have GOT to have 110% trust in Him, do my part by being obedient and miracles will happen. It’s simple. Honestly, everything about life IS simple, we just complicate it.
Flashback to the MTC (Missionary Training Center).....I miss it:(

 Random side note: I’m at the library right now and someone keeps letting out stink bombs!!!! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! SPARE US A LITTLE WHY DON’T YA?!!

 We got to District Meeting this week and our District Leader Elder Newton goes “allllright, we need to come up with a district name and I think I have a good one! After talking with Sister Toolan these past few weeks I see how hyped she always is about missionary work so I’m thinking ‘All the Hype! District!’ How bout it??”
Then we are sitting there having studies one morning and he had sent a text out to all 8 of us missionaries that read “This is it! We only need to find a few more people to reach our goal for the week. If you need to get hyped to0 find/call Sister Toolan!!” I was cracckkkking up! It was a huge compliment to me though. I have noticed these past two weeks that I’m falling more and more in love with being a missionary. I WANT to go out and find people instead of dreading it. I want to only use 30 mins of lunch instead of an hour because I want to get out and get to work.
Yes, I’m becoming “that” missionary :p My poor companion. She is going to hate me before this is all over. I just can’t help it. I see how important this work is.
Switched comps for the day!! Sister Cook is awesome :)
All this walking around trying to talk to people is making my freckles BLOSSOM. They are everywhere and none-hidable. It’s all good, I love freckles :)

Ok, food for thought for all you members and missionaries of the church out there reading this:
When everyone looks, everyone finds.
SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH EVERYONE. Allow the Lord to pour the blessings of doing so into your life.

Love yall.
Sister Toolan
I tried octopus this week.....

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