Monday, January 13, 2014


before i start rambling on about all the things i got into this week i want to challenge YOU to do something. if we have any pictures together i want you to go pick out your favorite one of us (it can even be embarrassing on my behalf :p) print it out and send it to me via letter! don't worry, my address is just a little to the right of what you're reading ;p i lalalalove looking at old pictures so this would be the best thing ever! ok, that is all on that now. <3
Drinking hot chocolate parents sent for Christmas

this week was like an emotional roller coaster ride with LOTS of ups and LOTS of downs. for example:
^i'm pretty sure that i've mastered the art of being broken up with and breaking up with people. as a missionary you'll be teaching someone for weeks and then out of the blue they are like "JK (just kidding). you're probably just wasting your time. we don't want to meet with you anymore." and you just walk out of the house super confused and disappointed. OR you realize that the only reason you're being invited back over time and time again is because the people enjoy your company so we have to go in and say "look, this is our purpose as missionaries. it's to bring YOU closer to christ and if you aren't willing to do these things then we aren't going to be able to come back over again.." then you get no return appt. and you're just like allrriiiighhhty then..looks like we will be knockin' some doors tomorrow to find more people to teach lol. it's all good though, all this dating prep will be nice when i get off the mission, right? ;p

^I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON THIS WEEK. i started over again around the middle of november and finally finished it :) it's amazing to me how every single time i read that book i get a confirmation that it's true. i think it's important to realize that we are all human and imperfect; just because i've read it before doesn't mean that at times i don't doubt..which is why we must constantly be nourishing our testimony.

^we have recently been teaching a 24 year old male from italy! he is super smart and has the coolest accent. he is living here going to school and just living his dreams. he is super nice and great but the other night he texted us and the message read as follows  "oh and sister toolan: you are beautiful inside and outside :) i think i like you. you don't need to reply to this text." hahahahha i just looked at the phone and a few things went through my head: 1. greaaaaat, now we aren't going to get to teach him anymore..guess we have to give him to the YSA missionaries #lame 2. hey! i'll take this as a compliment!!! guess i'll be able to pick up italian men after the mission ;p #SCORE #hollaforadollahoneybooboo 3. must have been the darn brownies i made him for his birthday a few weeks ago #browniepoints #literally

^a polynesian man came up to me after church yesterday and told me i had a beautiful voice and he heard me loud and proud during church :) coming from him it was really flattering :)

^it was a crazy week of thinking one of our investigators, jenna, was going to break up with us. she called us one day saying she didn't think this was right for her. i started doubting the lord and wondering why he was letting this happen to us after all the hard work we had put into teaching her. we rushed over to figure out what was going on and she said she had seen some stuff on the internet about us that freaked her out..he were like HELLO. BAD SOURCE OF INFORMATION..unless it was, that website is 100% accurate and amazing :) so we helped her understand no, we aren't a cult and no, we aren't racist. ANYONE can be a member. she was really relieved. i left disappointed in myself for doubting the lord and his perfect plan for every one of his children. it was a wake up call for me. 
we came back a few days later and decided to reteach her about the restoration and joseph smith. we showed her the restoration DVD and the spirit was so strong. after she goes "yeah, you can tell that isn't just a story, like it's FACT." sister havens and i were like "do you hear what you just said?!?!!" hahah a couple mins later she goes "so when can i get baptized?!" :))))))))) she is the cutest thing and her faith and trust in the lord inspires me. she is getting baptized this sunday at 1 and i couldn't be more excited :D 
^my companion and i together makes for a good time. we had one woman in TEARS from laughing so hard this week and her son goes "the other day when you guys came over my cheeks hurt from smiling/laughing so much!" hahah i guess i'm still the same ole' goofy katie :)

i can't believe how fast this past transfer has gone!! we find out next Saturday whether or not we are leaving and if so who our new companions will be. should be exciting!!! or nerve wracking if you're me...#worrywart.
i love you all and so thankful you take the time to read all of my adventures. you're great.
Love you, gotta go!
sister toolan
Beautiful California

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