Monday, January 27, 2014

3 Month Mark

i hit my "i've been a missionary for 3 months now" mark this past week, or as us missionaries say, it was my birthday :D obviouuusslly since it was a special occasion we decided it was 100% necessary to celebrate!! so we went to chick-fil-a :) and right after we ordered a random man came up and paid for our meal!!! it made me sit back and think: man, the lord really is good to his missionaries<3 
although i'm sure my mom has already blasted it all over facebook (hahah i love you momma) i thought i should tell you how transfers went this week. out of the four sister missionaries in the diamond bar ward i am the ONLY one staying. yesterday having to watch them say goodbye to everyone broke my heart. that will be me some day. #missionaryprobz not gunna lie, it'll be really weird for a little bit because i'm only used to having THEM around and i'm also not used to being the one that knows the most about the area...because i'm not sure i know all that much lol.
Last Sunday together
my new companion is sister hansen from georgia/utah :) she has been out 6 months but since i already know the area iiii will be the one driving us around for a little lol. speaking of which, it was a MIRACLE that we found our way back to diamond bar after making the transfer switches in rancho this morning. whew. the fun begins. 

I GOT TO SEE ASHLEY CLARK TODAY FINALLYYYYYY :) it was quite the pleasant surprise! too bad i'm a noob and forgot to take a picture with her -__- 

i got to have a really neat experience last week. there is an elder here who on numerous occasions has hurt my feelings and embarrassed me in front of people (not on purpose or anything, but lets be real, boys/elders do NOT think and have lots of growing up to do lol), but i never told him. it got to the point that i did NOT want to be around him in any way, shape or form. sister havens knew he upset me and made me cry so she straight up went to him and called him out about how he needs to be more sensitive to sisters (because he's done it to multiple people) and yaydayadayayda. well, as time went on i kneeeew i needed to fix the problem. every time i'd read my scriptures my thoughts would be directed back to forgiveness. then i watched a WONDERFUL mormon message and i knew that i HAD to talk to him. i saw him and just said "elder ___, i just want you to know that i dooon't hate you and i think you're a great missionary. i'm not mad at you. it's okay." and his face literally had the most innocent, peaceful look. he reached out to shake my hand and with so much relief in his voice said "thank you so much sister toolan. you have no idea how much i appreciate it." i realized then and there that THAT'S why holding grudges is so bad. when we forgive others we are allowing our self to be happy. we are being more like our savior. we are focusing on the more important things in life. forgiving that elder gave me just as much, if not more, peace of mind than it did him. surely this is why the lord expects us to forgive. 

Matthew 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 

we can't expect heavenly father to forgive us for our daily mistakes if we aren't willing, our self, to forgive others. when it's hard to find the strength to forgive someone who has done you wrong, turn to the lord. ask for his help in trying to make peace. he WILL help you. he WANTS to help you. 
so goal for this week??? i want you ALL to think of someone you have a grudge with..the first person that came to you mind...go to the lord about the situation and make it better. become more like the savior and forgive them just like he does every. single. day. for you. allow yourself to be free and happy. 

found a PURPLE house in diamond bar this week....totally out of place and not cute. but hey, whatever floats your boat!
Selfie Sunday

it's going to be an interesting week for me with all this change and all, so keep me in your prayers if ya would :) i love you all and hope this made some kind of difference in your life. 
sister toolan 
Brown girls are so gorgous

Katie gets a fixed amount of money every month.  I thought it would be fun to send her some toilet paper….and she loved it!  I have submitted my application in for Mom of the Year!

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