Saturday, November 2, 2013

Y'ALL. this time next week i'll be in caaaalllllliiiiiii, HOLLA! i can't believe my MTC time is almost up already (deff not complaining though lol). this week has been filled with so many different things, emotions, experiences, lessons, etc. 

^one thing that's hard to do as a missionary is follow the rules. sometimes you find yourself justifying everything and thinking you're above the rules...buuuuuut, we are missionaries. we knew the rules when we signed up and that's what is expected out of us. SO: it finally hit me. Jesus Christ is the PERFECT example of exact obedience and we, as missionaries, are representing the Savior which is why WE are expected to act and follow the rules with EXACT obedience. obviously i'm not perfect, none of us are, but i'm trying to keep that in mind when i want to break a "dumb rule". 

^MOM: i get to call you Tuesday morning when i get to the airport so i advise you to be near and dear to your phone 7:45-11...OR ELSE: no phone for a whole month. Get it? Got it? GOOD. hahah jk, but seriously i can only call like 2 times before all my "mins" will be used up. getting old school on ya over here!

^EVERYONE: it was made known to me this week that if we go to church with questions (doesn't matter how many) in our heart, the Lord will provide an answer for us. So, my goal for you all is to think of something you have a question about, it could be anything, and have it in your heart on Sunday when you go to church and pray and pray and pray about it..we can do it together :)

^one of my comps got sick this weekend and we had to take a "shuttle bus" outside of our little MTC bubble and go to the pharmacy. it felt sooooo weird at first to be in the real world lol especially with a NAME TAG on eeeeeppp :D but then something neat happened while we were waiting outside for our driver to pick us this point of the week we were alllll feeling like it was going to be impossible to ever teach someone a lesson or to get our message across. it was just a stressful time in the week. buuuut, while sitting outside a woman came up and goes "hey! it's not pday! haah just kidding, i'm so happy to see you sisters! where are you going?!" by this point she is hugging us, talking away and just having a great time. at the end of talking with her (thinking she is a member...i mean, come's utah people) she goes "you know? you sisters are an answer to my prayer..i haven't been to church in 6 years and have been wondering whether or not i should return...i know now that i should :)" i was like HALLELUJAH. IT'S NOT GOING TO BE A CRAZY AS I THINK ONCE I GET IN THE REAL WORLD. I GOT THIS. which, with the Lords help, I really do "got this".

^having comps 24/7 makes you a little crazy, but in a good way. just last night i was able to have a "personal growth" moment. i kiiiinndaaa snapped at my comp for something she was doing and realized soon after i was going to have to apologize for...which is NOT my strong suit...i mean commeeooon people, Jeri Toolan is my mother!!! aha i love ya, mom! so i prayed and prayed to heavenly father asking him to help humble me and to be able to approach her in a nice, loving way.....well...i did! i said i was sorry!!! it felt so good :) it made ME happy. i'm happy to know that not only can i forgive people and be forgiven by them, but that Heavenly Father can forgive me for every single mistake i made. he loves us. he wants us to pray to him and open our hearts out to him. he wants us to repent. i love him. 

^we got to go to the temple this morning! it was so refreshing :) mom & dad...i expect you to get back to the temple within 1 month and report back to me! k????? 


^while eating dinner this week i go (for some odd reason which i don't know lol) "i feel like i'm a mermaid right now eating under the sea..." and my comp after staring and then starting to crack up goes "and IIII feel like you're high right now!" hahaha only. me

^THEN i say a few days later in complete seriousness...."man, i wish i could learn how to speak braille."............................................really? where do i think these things?

^i did some math: if i was getting paid (min. wage even)  for ever hour i've been up and working here at the MTC, by now i would have earned $1084.50!!!!! DANG GINA!!!!!

i love you all and hope you're having a great week! it's the weekend so (insert my super ghetto voice) don't get toooo craaaayzeee yaaa hearrrrrr? lol

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