Monday, November 11, 2013

I am in Caliiiiiiii

welp. I'M IN CALLLLLI. i lalalove it here! it's everything i thought it'd be and more :p
for starters I just everyone to know this: as a missionary, i now officially HATE federal holidays -___- our p-days are on mondays and because that's usually when federal hoildays are that shortens our emailing time by 2 hours AND made this week exceptionally long...i haven't have a pday since LAST friday. like 11 days ago...i'm dying over huuuur!
so traveling to california was quite the experience. there were 9-11 of us missionaries all traveling together, each of us with two big suitcases, one carry on and our "bags". HOLY COW. talk about stressful lol, and on top of that it was SNOWING. but luckily it didn't snow too much (at the MTC in utah) up until that day, which i was juuuusttt fine with considering i can't stand snow. i like to think of it as heavenly father answering my prayers lol :)
Utah Snow - last day
i got to meet my mission president and his wife and they are such wonderful people. i can tell that i'm going to learn a loooot from them. they were so sweet. they are like my parents away from home. (i'm in good hands mom, don't worry <3) to prove that they are just the best, here's a story. sister hobbs came up to me that first moment meeting her and said "you and i have a friend in common!!" i soon realized she was talking about ashley clark (hermana clark) and said "oooh yesss! :)" she then said "i'm gunna let you make a special phone call here in a little." i got sooooooo excited :) she let me call her and talk to her for a little bit and it was so great to hear her voice again!! we aren't serving anywhere close to eachother but she is still here and like her dad told me while i was visiting this summer "i'll see her when i most need it. when i am most homesick and sad." i truly believe that. heavenly father has my back.
First Night in Caliiiiii
my new companion (for at least the next 6 weeks): sister havens! she is from virginia and has been out for 6 months. she is super loud and fun, she keeps me going when i get tired lol. she has already been in this area (diamond bar) for over a month so she knows everyone and how everything works here which is really nice. she is also a craazzzzzy driver hahah (don't worry, i got permission to tell you all this ;p) i love it!
where i live: i live WITH a member!! sister howard :) which i lo0o0o0ve. my companion and i have our own rooom and she has made space for us everywhere in the house. it's really nice because it's like living at home in a way. like i kinda have a "mom" to come home to everynight and talk to, it's very convienant. plus, sister howard is a SAINT. sweetest lady ever. she loves us and i already love her. plus, we are teaching someone in her complex so it's very easy and doesn't waste miles :p OH YEAH: if you haven't picked up already, we have a car..and a niiiice one at that lol. we do walk a lot still though. which helps with exercise except for the fact that i have a blister now :( boooo. lol
the ward here is amaazing as well! everyone is so excited about missionary work and we get fed EVERY night, which for a missionary is the best thing ever. no joke, our meal calendar is full all the way to december lol. this ward kindof reminds me of crestview 2nd ward when i was in 10th grade and we were ON FIRE about sharing the gospel. that was such a good time in my life and for everyone as well i'm sure. it makes such a big difference for misisonaries when the ward is supporting them and helping tend to them! i'm gratfeul to have come from such a good ward :)
we have 3 baptisms coming up here at the end of november!!! it's crazy how much you grow to love someone in such a short period of time. i love even the people i meet on the side of the street and share the gospel with because i want them so badly to know the things i know from being a member of this church and know the happiness it can bring to their lives!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. and i know how importnant my job is.
some fun-ISH things:
number 1 reason why i feel i was sent to diamond bar??? I PASS BY "CRESTVIEW STREET" EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. it makes me sooooo happy :D i love having a little bit of home here with me :) (ps, the street signs here are so fancy and nice...i'm thinking crestview needs to step up it's game because these things light up and everything lol, super nice!!)
Crestview St.
every night when my comp and i are laying in bed about to go to bed we do a list of "likes". we say things we like about the other one. example: "sister havens, i like how much you like missionary work." or "i like that you like to dance like an idiot in the makes me not feel as weird ;p" it's such an uplifting thing to do & makes even a rough day end on a good note. it's something i want to do someday when i'm's a good idea. i "like" doing it :)
there is a family that we've been teaching who have a little girl. the things she says and the facial expressions she makes remind me so much of sweet little cambell :) one night she actually made me tear up (with a huge smile on my face of couse) because it reminded me so much of her!!! i love seeing that family if you can imagine :)
MOM! that package you send me was BANNNG UPP! it made me proud to be your daughter lol. i don't know if you did some hard core "pinteresting" or something for that, but whatever you did IT WORKED. i actually have been using stuff from that constantly. you're the best. and i'm glad you picked out monster inc. bandaids...since i got blisters and have been having to use them, the kids love em' :p
love you all, hugs! -sister toolan
Tia (roommate from BYUI) & I were sad to say goodbye at the MTC
Goodbye MTC

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