Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rough week ended up on a high note!

Next week is a federal holiday which means I’ll little time to tell you about my life, so this week is going to be me telling you anything and everything I have time for haha. Sorry not sorry in advance :) oh and if the beginning of my week seems a little depressing, I promise it got better and I’m happy now haha.

Monday-Typical pday stuff. Only thing really exciting during that time was getting to see Mark, my friend I made at WinCo the day I found out pops passed away, so like 6ish months ago? Since I didn’t move very far away from Hesperia coming to Apple Valley we still shop at the same places which is awesome because that guy is MY DAWG! He said every Monday when he starts seeing the first ‘wave of missionaries comin’ in” that he gets excited because he knows in the “second wave of it all we finna come in!!!!” you know, sometimes you just gotta love people into the gospel. And that’s perfectly fine :)

HILARIOUS MOMENT: we were having dinner at ashleys house (don’t worry, she gave me permission to make her famous by using her name on here ;p) and her daughter woke up from sleeping and was crying so she was holding her while eating, you know, being a bomb mom and all..well, mid conversation Ashley screams “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…it’s WARM…and WET!!!!!!!” we look around really confused? As she gets off the stool, soaking wet on the legs..as she walked away (gagging) we saw the huge puddle of pee under the stool and just DIED LAUGHING hahahahah. She had to take a shower and we had to clean the mess hahaha. We laughed about that the rest of the week. Too priceless. YAY. Can’t wait to be a mom and have that kind of stuff happen to me!!!! Haha.

Tuesday- I was praying in the shower (kinda strange, but that’s where I have my very best prayers. I guess that’s just where my mind is clear and open ha) and I was just in tears saying sorry to Heavenly Father for all the things ‘wrong’ with me. Then I realized that He sent me down here with handpicked flaws and imperfections so that I’d stay busy at all times getting to work on myself. He trusted me to not allow satan to tear me down therefore giving me MORE to have to fix. I understood finally that He loves me. He know I’m trying. 

We had dinner with a part member family that we’ve been getting invited over to a lot lately. Usually when it comes time for our message the non member husband will leave and go outside to work. Well, after weeks of loving him, getting to know him and being patient it came time for our message and instead of going outside he sat in the living room acting like he wasn’t listening, but he totally was!!! It made me feel like our time over there hasn’t been a waste but has really helped soften his heart. He isn’t getting baptized tomorrow or anything, but he is making baby steps, and that’s all the Lord wants from us :) while we were there we had a debate on Coke vs. Pepsi and VERY confidently I said “yeah….my papa is a Pepsi girl!!” it was great. Honestly the confidence made it that much better. 

Wednesday- I was in a lot of physical pain this day, but life moved on. We had a really cool experience with our recent converts Isaiah and Sarah while having a lesson with their friend. Out of the blue they both just started bearing such great testimony of how great they’ve felt since baptism. They are going through a lot right now and they recognize that without having been baptized and received the Holy Ghost they would be so lost and confused with everything. We, as members of the church, don’t realize how blessed we are daily to have the gift of the Holy Ghost always present in our life. They inspire me. All the people that I’ve taught have. 

This night was..pretty emotional for me. I’ve just been carrying a lot of unneeded weight on my shoulders for a while. So after already saying my prayer and laying down to go to sleep something happened and I was just over come with sadness. Complete sadness. I knew as a few mins went by that it was getting worse and within my head I just yelled out to Heavenly Father “I need you to put your arms around me…now!!!” a few seconds later I caught my breathe, calmed down a ton and felt at peace. When I called out for arms (because I didn’t know what else could help or how to think for a little) He helped me with what I really needed. Even when we don’t know how/what we are feeling, as long as we make an attempt to tell Him, He will understand and help us. 

Thursday- I poured my heart out to God in looooooooong sincere prayer and ever since I’ve been doing GREAT! Crazy what I little prayer can do for ya. Other than getting a letter from my favorite pen pal not too much happened this day. 

WAIT: I received great news this day. We were told by the man over cars in our mission that we had to go get an oil change and to block out 1 ½ -2 hours for it. We knew what building it was and that we would literally just be sitting doing nothing propductive during the time, so after asking our leaders we got permission to go spend time with the Woodies (my Recent convert from Bear Valley ward). I THOUGHT I HAD DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN.

Friday- we got to spend good quality time with the Woodies and it was just what I needed after having such a hard time this week. Woody is solid. He is going to the temple for the 1st time in a few weeks :) when I went to leave and was hugging sister woody I saw that she had taped up the picture of her and I on her night stand. I bout started to cry. I’m thankful to know that I’ve at least semi touched the people that have impacted my life for good. I love them. We went on exchanges that night and sister Green and I stayed up wayyyyyy too late talking haha. #sistermissionaryprobz 

Wait, I also made my best banana bread I’ve made yet this night. And that’s sayin’ something considering my last one was a hit ;p

Saturday- I had to ‘break up’ with one of our investigators that we’ve been teaching the whole time I’ve been here and it bout broke my dern heart. Blah. Exchanges were good. Had too much fun, as usual. Lots of miracles occurred. I learned that day that I have mastered the art of mimicking Sister Van Heel hahaha. Shes a hoot. Love her. 

Sunday- one of our elders investigators asked us to sing “How Great Thou Art” at his baptism this Saturday. It was too sweet. I’m thankful I’ve been able to use the talent of music Heavenly Father has given me so much on my mission. I’m mostly grateful that He’s allowed my talent(s) to improve and not go to waste. IT RAINED A GOOD PORTION OF THE DAY. It’s so funny because we all pray for rain here in cali then when it finally comes everyone just complains about it. NOT THIS GIRL. I lurrvvvvvv it! 

All in all it was a great week. It went by really quick which to me means we worked our tails off! I love this area. I love that my testimony gets stronger every single day. I love that we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today to give us the hope that we all so desperately need. I love my Savior. 

Stay classy and not too sassy, everyone ;p
Sister Toolan
My favorite picture of Sister Cauble and I
Throw back to when I wouldn't let Sister Havens hug me...not even for a picture! #tbm (missionaries don't have to wait for thursday to do a throwback)

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