Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Before I start writing away and forget to say this: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, YALL :) Make sure you have an attitude of gratitude this week. You should at all times, but you know what I mean.

One thing that I’m eternally grateful for would have to be my parent’s hardheaded-ness. I remember my senior year when it came time for me to make college plans how tense it got in our home. I had a boyfriend there at home and I lived practically within walking distance of my whole family; I was scared to leave and didn’t have any intent on saying goodbye.To anyone. There was one night when I was trying to convince mom and dad to let me move to Tallahassee and they flat out said “Katie, we will not be paying for school or anything unless you go to Idaho.” UHH. I was sittin’ there like “You wouldn't even let me have a job in high school so I literally have no $$$ to my name to support myself. Is this a joke?!?” It’s safe to say I probably didn’t talk to them for a week. I was so angry. I felt they weren't allowing me to make my own decision about my life and that they were taking the fun out of this new time in my life.

Now that I’m a few years older, not AS stubborn and on a mission learning the roles in a family I understand. Regardless of whether or not my parents knew it at the time—they were simply following a prompting from Heavenly Father by making me go there. I’m sure it was NOT easy layin’ down the law like that to me because they knew me and how I’d react. But they stood their ground.

I am convinced that had I not been forced to move to Idaho I would have never even considered a mission. I would still be back home, doing the same ole same ole high school crap. Who knows! I could still be in the same relationship, talking about the same things, hanging out with the same people and making the same mistakes. Instead though, I was out in Idaho when they made the age change for girls going on a mission, not around my distractions/temptations anymore which gave me room to figure some things out for myself. Now, here I am on a mission wondering what in the world I would do without it and the experiences it’s brought me. I am thankful, oh so thankful, for good parents who knew what would be best for me.
Festive lights in our room

Some little things I’m grateful for: Mormon Messages, warm showers, my stuffed animal frog ( baby!!!), the Spirit, friends/family who email every single week, crazy socks, when people wave back to me :) chocolate, painted nails, rain, a house that's cold at night, laughter, compliments, chapstick, scruffy faces (they remind me of my daddy), hugs-n-lots of lovin', that my piano skills are improving, technology, the name tag that I get to wake up and wear every day right now, earrings, music, when elderly people tell me their love stories <3 a sense of humor, crossfit workouts, service, GREEN (which I haven't lived around in 7 months now haha) clouds, 1Direction, journal keepings, goals, pictures, memories, my testimony, my future family (who I pray for daily), sleeping in boys clothes, members who do missionary work and FRECKLES :))
1D Cup

The list could go on and on for forever, but that's all I have time for right now :) 

Saturday was probably the craziest day of the week. There was a baptism going on that afternoon at 12 that we had invited some investigators to. Well, last minute the member we had lined up to give them rides got sick so we had to start calling around. We literally spent ALL of our studies calling people. We had an appointment at 10:15 and by the time we left we were 1. Late. (I can’t stand being late :( just a little FYI) 2. Had called 19 people already that said they could NOT give them a ride. We get to our appointment and we just were praying and praying that everything would work out. We were especially nervous because we were going to visit ‘talkers’ - if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down…we knew by the time we got out it would be 11:15 with no time to figure out the ride deal.

We get up to our appointments door and the little old lady was in such bad shape that she legit didn't have the strength to even unlock the door for us to come in!! It was really sad…but a HUGE blessing because we got to go help our investigator get ready to come and I’m proud to announce we found a ride. Sure, it was 26 people and 39 phone calls later..but indeed they got rides. The member that did it was the one we did service for at the Frozen birthday party a few weeks ago. WOW. I love how stuff like that always come around back to ya :) I love how Heavenly Father provided a way for everything to work out because He wanted some of His children there at that baptism feeling the spirit.

It was a really cool baptism. Both of the girls giving talks gave them via skype because they were in different states. You know, technology can be a real evil thing at times—but it also can be such a beautiful blessing. Technology was the reason two girls who gave their friend a Book of Mormon 5 years ago were able to attend/watch/participate in such a sacred experience even across the country. I love it.  
I am currently soakin' up the Holiday season like none other. I can't even tell you how happy Christmas time/music makes me! Michael Buble's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" came on the other day in some store and I about died. I remember when Dakota and I would turn that on (at all times in the year) and just sing our little hearts out. Boy, the day will soon come when I'll be home and we will be jammin' out to it we are on our way to the the summer...and it will be glorious.

Ok, eat your weight in food this week for me. Enjoy being able take a nap afterwords, as well. LOVE YALL TOO TOO TOO TOO MUCH.  
Sister Toolan
The ladies dog we live with who waits on us at the window daily

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