Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet The!

OOOOOOKKKKKKKKKay. So. The good news? I just met a woman sitting next to me who is quite interested in the gospel and I got to help answer a few questions she had. Bad news? Everything (and I had a TON) that I had written already just erased because my time ran out on that session and shut off on me. Soooooo probably aren’t getting much from this today. However, I still feel like talking to her was a little more important, so it’s all good!!

Let me wrap this week up in a nut shell for ya! I will use Sister Havens words for this part: “I LOVED MEET THE MORMONS!! :) That was seriously the highlight of my week because it was so cool to see how the Gospel blesses families in SUCH a small period of time. The spirit was so strong. We have talked to our members about it every day since then in hopes that we can get them to go see it. I am going to be praying that it will be a successful opportunity for the church. So this is a cool way that you can help me, by being an answer to my prayer: GO SEE MEET THE MORMONS. All proceeds go to the Red Cross. It can help you and the people you love see more about who we are as a people. It doesn't proselyte (or tell about what we believe) It tells about why we are the way we are. 

While at the Meet the Mormons event President Hobbs was especially funny. At the beginning we were all sitting next to our friends instead of companions and he got on the mic and goes “Don’t forgot who your companion is. Don’t lose your companion. The divorce rate is too common in the church today!” hahahah
These guys are going home :(

Afterwards we went to In-n-Out to eat lunch and while there I got to run into an old deaf investigator!!! IT WAS SO COOL. I was so happy to see them. And to be able to communicate with them. I love sign a little too much. I also love people a little too much. But hey, I could have bigger problems :p

This week we had to “break up” with a few investigators, met the sweetest little girl ever who 1. Looked like cambell and 2. Told me, after complimenting her bow that she “has a hundred billion sixty five” of them. :) One morning our neighbor saw us running for exercise and yelling “YALL IS MY PERSONAL HEROS!!” hahaha. That’s right. I feel like I should have my own tv show “Sister Toolan, Mormon Missionary. Inspiring people one run at a time.” Hahah JK. Had to say goodbye to two of my favorite elders ever. Quite depressing. It gets worse. Jk…
Cambell Look Alike
Friday night I got a phone call asking if I would finish train a new missionary again. Sister Cauble and I immediately started to cry..we knew that meant we wouldn’t be together another 6 weeks. It was sad because we only were together 1 transfer, but that was all WE needed to get to  know, love and appreciate one another. Ever since we have stayed up WAY too late having fun and telling each other stories, our fears, just everything. I will forever love her. This morning when having our last prayer as a companionship she started to cry. I know we needed each other these past 6 weeks and it was such a blessing. Best friends for life? I think yes. She told me Thursday (because I was REALLY happy and having a goooood day) “ I HATE WHEN YOU’RE HAPPY.” Someone thought she was being serious hahah.

So now I am in the Village Ward in Apple Valley. Yep, I got 6 week shafted. It stinks. But I was ready for some more change. I am excited because I know Heavenly Father is giving me yet another chance to learn, grow and meet new people. I know there are testimonies here that I need to hear, I know I have a new companion that is going to teach me something no one else could as my companion and I know that it’s time for me to be humbled by not knowing anything again and turn to my Savior. Leaving wasn’t too hard since I hadn’t been there long, but it stunk when my wardmates/Zone leaders called and sang in their little “quartet” they got goin “God Be With You Til We Meet Again” hahaha. Leave it up to the elders to give you a good laugh and cry. Bella, and 8 year old we’ve been teaching asked me Sunday why I was leaving and I told her because my president said I had to, she goes “Well that’s just RUDE!” hahah. 

We got to watch conference and it was incredible as always. I loved how we all pretty much got rebuked from the pulpit. I think I have some improving to do??? Oh, during one of the sessions the autistic boy, gavin pointed to me and started yelling “DO YOU SEE HER?!?! I LOVE HER. I LOVE HER. SHE’S PRETTY HOTT. Yeah….shes’ pretty hot!!” hahahah that boy. I love him.
Gavin and the Elders

So many great things happened this week that I wish I had time to tell you about, but maybe next week I can…jk, next week is a darn federal holiday which means I’ll have no time to email. Ok, fine. In 2 weeks I would love to tell you some neat and wonderful things going on around here, there always is something!!! GO SEE MEET THE MORMONS. You won’t regret it. Keep your eye out for the mini, many miracles of the day. I love yall. I love my Savior.
Sister Toolan
Sweet little Preslee giving me kisses:)
We made cupcakes this week.  Future wife in training, NBD!

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