Monday, June 9, 2014

Finally getting the hang of Hesperia

This past week fleeeeeeeeeeeeew by like crazy, which yet again, was a tender mercy from the Lord. We had so many things going on. It was a really good week actually. Very, very eventful. Lets start from the beginning:

Monday- Ran into some old missionary friends while shopping which made me happy :) THEN Sister Treadwell was playing a game with all the missionaries while I was practicing piano and Sister Hicks comes in and goes “uhhh…you might want to go get your companion….” I go in there and she had run into an elder, fell down on her head and was bleeding FROM HER HEAD all over the place. I literally had to turn my “momma” side on an clean her and all her blood up, wash her hair, ice her head, all kinds of crazy stuff. I even got a liiiiiiiiitle blood on my shirt by accident -_- she looked a hot mess after it was all done and over with. She now has a broken tailbone but hey, we are still doing missionary work and working hard! Haha. It was quite the story to tell when we had to call dinner and let them know we’d be a little late since she busted her head open hahah. Oh man.
Sister Treadwell AFTER the fall
Tuesday- A girl came into the church building and I told her how pretty she was. She was probably like 14 and she goes “You have beautiful white teeth!” hahah I was like, well that’s deff not a compliment I can say I hear all the time ahaha. Thank you. Random girl at church who I don’t even know. Thank you.

Wednesday- We went over and saw Ms. Robinson. She is so great. She wants to learn more about family history work and wants to start working on hers. I’ve found on the mission that working on family history work brings the spirit so strong into our lives. We met a drug dealer this day. Totally normal. We felt like crap so we treated ourselves to some icecream! It’s getting HOT UP HUR in the desert!
Mrs. Robinson!
Thursday- We found a new investigator :) We also got hit on like a million times this day. I swear. I have never in my whole entire life been hit on as much as I have here in Hesperia. Haha. It’s so funny and so awkward at the same time. :)

Friday- Once again, got hit on by our waiter at this country cooking restaurant and he gave us free homemade banana bread. SCORE. Our Zone Leaders called us and asked us to give a training at Zone Meeting tomorrow. We will see how allllla thaaaat goes haha.

Saturday- DAY OF MIRACLES. It was the best day ever. We went to a deaf picnic and it was so neat because I was forced to use the sign language I knew and I was forced to talk to the people in this way. I have found a love for signing and for deaf people. They have the best personalities and are so sweet. I really want to keep learning more and maybe even take some classes in college? It’s nice because I am starting to finally understand what people are talking about without asking sis. Treadwell to interpret. :)

WOODYS BAPTISM WAS AMAZING. President and Sister Hobbs ending up coming, so it was nice to see them and chat with them a while. Woody was there like 45 mins early because he was just SO excited and a ton of his family (not members) came to support him which was nice. He is so tall and the man baptizing him knees locked up on him and we were scared woody wouldn’t come back up out of the water haah which was perfect because Sis. Woody (his wife) kept joking around about how brother smith needed to hold him down as llllllllllllonnnnnnnnnnnng as possible because he needed as much purifying as possible hahah. It was a beautiful service and the spirit was so strong.

Oh, we also had smores this night…first smores of the year…..awesome.

Sunday- I walked out of a room at church and saw Sister Cardona…one of my very favorites! We ran up to each other and started to cry from happiness. ANOTHER tender mercy of the Lord. We meet in the same church building now which means I will be seeing her every week. How amazing. I love the friends I have made here on the mission. These people mean so much to me and we will cherish these times we’ve shared the rest of our lives. Sunday night I tried to teach Sister Treadwell to speak “Ebonics” but I failed hahah she is so white. It made for a really good laugh though.

I wish I had time to share more with you. I have had so many wonderful insights come to mind this week. Its funny because you always hear to write down your promptings/revelation from the holy ghost and now I know it’s a powerful thing. The more I actually take the time to write them down and express how I’m feeling right then and there, the more they come. All week I have come to learn so many things in different ways than I ever saw them. Maybe I’ll share some next week :)

One thing that’s funny to me: I think that people (especially members) think missionaries are perfect or something. When in reality we are soooooooo far from it and we are more aware of it than ever lol. I think the tag deceives people. We are still human. We still do dumb things we shouldn’t and we still are little kids at heart. Remember that the next time you see a missionary mess up on accident, just like you do, and don’t give em a hard time. I promise you they are already beating themselves up for it anyways haha.
I love you all. I can’t wait to see what all the Lord has in store for me here in Hesperia. Go check out there are a toooooooooon of cool/funny/happy videos on there that will make you happy :)
Sister Toolan

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