Monday, December 16, 2013

First Transfer

^want to know the best way to get homesick as a missionary? GET SICK. monday night i woke up sick as a dog and the chaos continued until about wednesday morning. all five sister missionaries in the ward ended up getting it and we couldn't figure out where we got it! come to find out, it was being passed around the whole ward and we got it from eating with a family sunday night. it was HORRIBLE. it made me soooo homesick because all i wanted was my momma to hold my hair while i was throwing up and feeling like death lol. i felt beyond pathetic that got so bad that at one point i got in the shower, layed on the ground and tried to sleep while the water was running on me. i was so cold, tired and sick so that was the only way to make things work hahah. luckily everyone in the ward was super helpful and tended to our every need and i, sister toolan, am alive & well today :) i NEVER want to get sick again, especially on the mission lol.
Happy Sunday!
^this week i recieved a plethora of free things :D and yall knooooow i was excited to save a pretty penny!!! a woman from the ward gave me this really pretty navy blue straight skirt that fit perfectly :) and a woman we met gave me some crazy cool socks that i can wear at night when my feettsiiies get cold :) i am SET.
Free socks
Chino Zone with their beanies
^i finally met sister hicks from alabama at our mission christmas devotional friday! she is the cutest thing & her country accent makes me so happy. while we were at the devo we got some presents and in them was a bennie..a sister in one of the wards close around made 210 beenies for ALL the missionaries so we would get a present for amazing. people do the darndest things & are so full of love. what a kind woman. think of all the work that went into makes those!!!!
Sister Hicks

^brother kilburn made his famous chocolate pancakes for us yesterday....5 pounds later..............they are sooooo good though -_-

Famous Kilburn pancake chefs
^i pulled a jeri toolan this weekend at the ward christmas party. it was then that i realized i am indeed her daughter and that she has taught me a few things :p the women were in charge of bringing desserts and more than planned ended up showing a LOT more than planned and there was NOT even dessert to go around. so of course everyone is freaking out saying "crap, we don't have enough. this is horrible. of course this would happen!" and i went up to the one in charge and just very sweetly said "what can i do to help? would you like us to run up to the store and get a few things??" she was SO happy and let us go get stuff. we practically saved the party :p hahah jk, but seriously. i realized that my mom has taught me how to 1. help and 2. problem solve and do what i can to fix what's going on around me. i was so thankful at that moment that my mom has been a wonderful example to me. whattaa gal.
-our recent convert, summer, has been doing the sweetest things for us lately :) she lives in the same complex as us and has been leaving cute little notes on our door everynight. she is so amazing & sweet. she is like one of our bestfriends now :)
Summers letter
sorry i didn't get to write much this week, it's been a crazy pday & there's no time left :(
-hugs- sister toolan

$2 skirt from Goodwill....holla!!!!!

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