Monday, November 25, 2013

Loving the missionary life

As of saturday i've been out 1 month! 1 month down, 17 more to go :p and TODAY is one month til i get to skype home!!! YAAAY! i am seriously so excited!
^saturday not only was my 1 month, but also a very special day for me & my comp. it was the day that our 2 little investigators got baptized. the weather couldn't have been any more perfect. it was gorgeous. i got to give a talk on the holy ghost and then all 5 of us sisters sang a musical number for it. they were SO happy for their big days and the spirit was so strong. there were so many people that had been waiting for the day that they'd get baptized and it finally came! i had a smile on my face all day :)
Happy Baptism Day with Sister Havens!

The two little girls were baptized!
^people getting baptized isn't the ONLY thing that makes missionaries happy. there is a family in the ward who is SUPER less active and hasn't gone to church in yearrrrrrrsss. we have been stopping by and visiting with them more often and sunday i turned around and saw them walking into church..i can't even explain to you the feeling that i had. i was SO happy. i started to tear up (you know me. -_-) i couldn't believe they were there but i was so glad they were. what makes ME happy as a missionary is seeing people come unto Christ. seeing people remember the importance that he once was in there life and wanting to change. seeing how much a family can and will change through doing the things the lord wants them to do. it makes me happy when people find out for themselves JUST how true this church is. This IS the Lords true church on the earth today and it makes me happy telling people about it and giving them the opportunity to find out for themselves the truthfulness of it. i love being a missionary. i can't stress it enough.
^this week my trainer and a few others had to go to a meeting in that left me and three other "greenies" by ourselves for the day. it was sister stouffer (my comp. from the MTC), sister cardona and i. we were so nervous about how the day would go, especially since iiii would be driving us hahah. me and California driving do NOT mix :p we were also scared because we didn't have anyone there to do all the work for us this time, it was up to US to go find people to talk to. luckily, with all of us encouraging another we were able to get a lot done..i even contacted for my first time...6 people!!!! i was so proud of myself. i think all of us really needed that day to ourselves to realize we ARE good missionaries and can do this, we just need to be confident and know the Lord is watching over us.
^we finallllllly got to do some service this week! we helped knit hats for babies :) i was surprised at how well mine turned out because we alllll know i ain't no homemaker, okkkkk!
My hat

The sisters and our hats

I am so proud of my hat
^there is a lady in the ward who is 90ish years old, blind and sweet as can be. her name is grandma june & we go see her at least once a week. she is the most precious thing& always kisses your neck when she hugs you :') she will sit there and just hold my hand for forever as she is tellin us about life and how she bought her house for $10,000 60 years ago hahah. i love her. it's like getting to go visit my grandma's :)
^the ward here is having like 34862398562983 ward christmas parties..i think i might die of excessive eating.
Hanging out at the bishops house

Hanging out in the library
^people notice my accent here more than anywhere else i've ever been lol. i say yall and they FLIIIP. i love the south :)
^i got a ton of letters this week & i appreciated every single one of them. thank you to anyone that has sent anything. they make me feel so much love and i need it. yall are the best <3
^i added a picture in here to show you all that i haven't changed a bit hahahah. enjoy :)
Still a goob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-HUGS- sister toolan

Sister Toolan is learning to braid her own hair:)

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